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What is an apprenticeship?

An Atos apprenticeship provides the perfect combination of employment and training, giving applicants the opportunity to learn and apply skills that matter in the workplace, whilst in paid, permanent employment. Their training will lead to industry recognised qualifications, whilst they contribute to live projects in the workplace from day one, with the support of expert colleagues. We’ll pay all of their training costs and after their entry level apprenticeship, they can go on to progress through to a level 6 Degree Apprenticeship; ideal for people who want a degree, but want to work at the same time.

What apprenticeship schemes does Atos offer?

We offer Level 3 (post GSCE entry) schemes leading to qualifications equivalent to A-Levels, and Level 4 (post A-Level entry) schemes leading to qualifications equivalent to the first year of a degree programme. For more details see our individual schemes.

Does Atos offer degreeships?

Apprentices join Atos either at Level 3 (post GSCE entry) or Level 4 (post A-Level entry). However, on completion of their initial apprenticeship, if they have been successful and wish to continue their development we support progression through to Level 6 Degreeships.

This is an ideal option for young people who are unsure whether they want to study to degree level – they don’t have to decide now, but the opportunity is there for them throughout their career at Atos. And for those who do progress, they will obtain a degree level qualification, whilst working at the same time, and without any of the fees associated with attending university.

What qualifications will apprentices receive?

Whichever route an apprentice takes, they’ll gain City and Guilds or SCQF qualifications, as well as certifications from partner companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and APM. You can find more details about the specific training for each apprenticeship in our individual scheme descriptions.

Does the apprenticeship cost anything?

No, the apprentices will not have to pay anything towards their apprenticeship. From the cost of their training to the books and materials, we’ve got it covered. We’ll also cover the cost of any travel and accommodation required to attend apprenticeship training activities.

Do parents/ guardians have the opportunity to get involved?

We are keen to ensure that parents and guardians feel involved with our apprenticeship programme, so we welcome you to attend day one of their induction. You will meet the Atos Emerging Talent team responsible for the development of our apprentices and also the trainers who will be part of the programme from day 1 until the completion of the apprenticeship.  We also welcome you back on the final day of induction to watch presentations by the apprentices on their key learnings of the week.  We invite you to join us as part of the development journey and welcome parents and guardians to play an active role, including site visits / meetings with Line Managers, throughout the apprenticeship programme.

Our Apprentice Journey

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Whichever scheme they choose, all our apprentices can look forward to:


Skills that matters

Learn skills that matter in the workplace, while working at the same time.

Discover how we deliver our on the job training >


Quality training

Apprenticeship training provider graded Outstanding by Ofstead.

Find out more about our training provider QA >



Atos offers all apprentices permanent employment from day one.

Look into our flexible range of benefits >


Debt free

No cost training – our apprentices are paid to learn, and will be debt free!

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Helping applicants to succeed

While you won’t be there to help them on tests or interviews, you might have some useful information to help them revise. Here are some top tips to help applicants succeed:

Research the role and the company they’re applying to

We’re interested to know why they’re interested in us. This may seem time-consuming, but generic applications rarely stand out from the crowd.

Review their application

They should always look through their application in detail, using a spellchecker. If they can, they should ask someone else to read it as well.

Make sure their application demonstrates achievements

This isn’t limited to formal qualifications. Are they in a computer club or have they won a school prize? All of these experiences can show us their motivation and capability.

Demonstrate transferable skills

As well as formal qualifications, we’re interested in valuable transferrable skills, whether it’s team skills learned in a sports team, or customer facing skills learned working in a shop.

Highlight all forms of work experience

Whether it’s a week’s placement, a paper round, a weekend job, or voluntary activities – they can all demonstrate transferable skills.

Preparing for success

What our managers have to say

Feedback from the people who see apprentices at their best:

“Kieran brings qualities to the apprenticeship that have never been seen before in our team. His persona exudes enthusiasm, passion. He’s clearly proved his outstanding talent in our team.”
David Hislop – User Application Management (UAM) Academy Lead


“Claire is an outstanding addition to our organisation. She brings energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude into a very busy working environment. Claire has developed her knowledge of the industry to a very high level in a very short time.”
Peter Corbally – Training Manager


“He’s adapted extremely well to the workplace demonstrating maturity and professionalism; he brings a fresh perspective to business activities and shows that youth is no barrier to having impact and influence in the workplace.”
Paul Omar – Service Delivery Manager

What our current apprentices have to say

“Starting my apprenticeship has taught me so much – there’s no doubt I’m a more confident person than I was.”


View Farhan’s profile >

“This apprenticeship is a great path to a long career, learning on the job in a large and competitive company.


View Holly’s profile >>

“I’ve gained insights on how to interact with customers, how to creatively deal with new challenges, and how to work effectively within a team.


View Liam’s profile >>

“I’ve gone from an apprentice with little experience, to become one of the most knowledgeable members of the team, teaching what I’ve learned to new apprentices and graduates.”


View James’ profile >

About QA Apprenticeships

We work closely with QA Apprenticeships to deliver world-class apprenticeship programmes. QA Apprenticeships is the first IT Apprenticeships business to be rated Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ and has won multiple awards for their IT, Developer, Digital Marketing and Business Services apprenticeships. Each apprentice is assigned a QA Skills Coach to support them throughout their apprenticeship, with regular contact every 6-8 weeks. The QA Skills Coach assesses progress through knowledge and skills training modules as well as encouraging apprentices to demonstrate their competence, knowledge and understanding on the job. They’ll ensure our apprentices succeed and help them to reach their full potential

For more information on Atos apprenticeships, please visit our FAQs page, or call or contact the apprenticeship team on 01344 471370.

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