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Project Management

My Apprentice job summed up

I work as a PMO Analyst for a large public sector client where I engage with the client face to face. This includes working across a portfolio of projects overseeing governance, quality assurance and the creation and implementation of project management processes to support the successful delivery of projects. I am an advocate of project management methodology and best practice and I ensure all Project Risks, Issues, Assumptions and Dependencies are tracked and mitigated, escalating and challenging where appropriate. I am responsible for creating automated dashboards and project status reporting for presentation to senior stakeholders, analysing and highlighting key trends. I also ensure that Change Control processes are followed for changes to project scope, financials and timelines.

What impact do you feel you’ve had since joining?

I have played a big role in service improvement, by implementing efficient processes within the Atos central project management office and for my client. These have had successful impacts such as time and cost savings. I regularly produce reports which help project managers pinpoint areas of concern. This means actions are taken to have a proactive approach to issues as opposed to a reactive approach. Tasks like this carry responsibility and are presented to senior management. I never imagined I would do these kinds of things as an Apprentice but Atos has helped me develop and come this far.

In addition, I am part of the Atos Together Network which enables Atos to create a space where culture meets business. We aim to embrace cultural differences within our organisation by having employees share their own cultural identities and experiences.

What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?

This apprenticeship has helped me develop personally and professionally. The skills I have picked up from work can also be applied in my day to day activities, for example time management. My technical understanding has expanded rapidly as I am always learning about the digital world. When I started at Atos my IT skills and Project Management knowledge were limited. However, being an Apprentice means I have mentors and am given opportunities to learn and develop my experience. Working at Atos has equipped me with confidence and ambition. I have excelled in my reviews, enjoy every minute, and I’m looking forward to an exciting career.

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