Atos Diversity and Inclusion Expo 2020


The Diversity Decade

We are delighted to announce that our 4th edition of the Atos Diversity and Inclusion Expo is taking place on 29 & 30th September 2020, and this year we’re going virtual!

We have a fantastic agenda lined up with a number of speakers across Atos, our partners and our customers, including the following conversational topics:

  • What influence does technology have on inclusion in the post-Covid world?
  • How has gender diversity transformed the defence industry?
  • Are targets the right thing for the Diversity & Inclusion agenda?
  • Atos Diversity & Inclusion Network Panel
  • Atos global commitments to diversity and inclusion

Our expo shines a light on the continued commitment of Atos to diversity and inclusion, where we ensure we learn and share best practices.

Attend the entire event, or drop in and out on the sessions that most interest you.

rachel macniven

Rachel Edwards

Lead for Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion at Atos

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Atos Diversity and Inclusion Expo 2020 - Agenda

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