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World class alliances to drive your business forward

Atos brings you a partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value based on best in class technology.


We work hand-in-hand with selected world-class organizations in software applications, infrastructure and consulting to strengthen our own unique portfolio in consulting, solutions and services. Leveraging the abilities of these industry leaders allows us to concentrate on our goal of adding growth to our customers’ businesses. Through comprehensive, intelligent integration of partner product based solutions and services we underpin and complement our own key strengths to maximize your productivity.


If you are looking for a partner that can return business value by delivering on the product promise, look no further. Your business technologists have both business insight and IT expertise like no system integrator in the market.

Global Strategic Alliances 


We work with our Global Strategic Alliance Partners to leverage their extensive technology portfolios to ensure the delivery of world-class solutions that deliver real and tangible business benefits to clients across almost all markets and sectors.


Cisco logo


As global strategic partners we combine Atos’ outstanding consulting and business technology expertise with Cisco’s extensive market leadership.

Oracle logo


As an Oracle Platinum Partner we offer a full range of solutions and services utilizing Oracle applications and technology.


Dell logo


Together we deliver world-class managed services to our customers, providing them with a scalable end-to-end approach.

Samsung logo


In June 2013, Atos celebrated the conclusion of a strategic partnership to jointly develop and market advanced IT solution to B2B markets with a specific focus on the B2B2C.

EMC logo


In 2012 we built our Enhanced Alliance, forming Canopy together with VMware, the only co-invested cloud alliance of its founding partners.

SAP logo


As SAP Global Partner and one of three gVAR Partners in the world, we built a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions based on SAP technology.


Hitachi logo


Together we deliver SAP HANA on premise as a managed service to organizations worldwide.

 Siemens logo


One of the most extensive working and strategic relationships ever between a global industrial technology manufacturer and a global IT provider.


Microsoft logo


As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner we offer outstanding consulting and implementation quality with regard to Microsoft technologies.


VMware logo


In 2012 we built our Enhanced Alliance, forming Canopy together with EMC, the only co-invested cloud alliance of its founding partners.


Enhanced Alliance

Enhanced Alliance

Four of the world’s leading technology and IT services companies have joined forces to create the Enhanced Alliance, providing greater value through combined innovation and expertise.

Global Strategic Business Partners


HP logo


As Global Strategic Business Partners we built for more than ten years joint solutions to benefit our customers.

IBM logo


As Global Strategic Business Partners we built for more than twenty years joint solutions to benefit our customers.

Partnering with Atos


Partnering with Atos offers significant advantages to our mutual customers, through innovative technology and thought leadership.


Our partnership approaches include Global Strategic Alliances, Global Strategic Business Partners, and Strategic Offering Partners.


As business technologists, we understand how to uncover the technology benefits and create the business value that our mutual customers are looking for. From systems integration to software development and IT infrastructure management - our comprehensive know-how and specific sector knowledge ensures that we are the single-source partner you can rely on.

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