Atos and Appian

Speed Up. Automate. Transform.

“We work together to innovate”

Atos and Appian

Atos is an Appian Global Alliance Partner. Leveraging Appian’s “partner centric” business model, Atos has been ready to sell and provide innovative business solutions that exploit the potential of low-code automation from the moment the partnership was established.

Our joint vision

Our partnership is founded on a joint vision for hyper-automation to support and accelerate digital transformation.

On the one hand, Atos has a deep experience in leveraging the Appian suite and RPA frameworks to quickly create real hyper-automation solutions, reducing time-to-service, quickly automating processes and optimizing business operations in many industries. On the other hand, Appian is focused on customer needs and continuously increases its platform capabilities with new features and through integration of new technologies.

Our Joint Offerings

Case Management

Manage any case type from structured to ad-hoc: process to decision, service requests, incident management, and investigations. Boost efficiency, reduce errors, and lower costs by automating complex end-to-end processes to keep up with pace of change.


Platforms can orchestrate complex styles of work – adaptive case processes driven by complex events. This is increasingly important, particularly in the context of digitalized processes that coordinate the behaviors of people and processes. iBPM manage long-running processes.

Robot Process Automation

Using Appian native connectors with third-party RPA, we are able to integrate in our solution RPA tools that can also increase “knowledge” of workers undertaking day-to-day work, removing common and repetitive tasks. The scope of these processes is typically a short-lived task.

Artificial Intelligent - Machine Learning – Natural Language

Machine Learning and Natural Processing Learning have rapidly expanded hyper automation possibilities, so Appian has immediately provided its platform features and connectors (AWS ML, AI from Google and Azure) adding the ability to interpret human speech quickly at runtime, identify patterns in documents or data, and/or dynamically optimize business outcomes.

Process Mining

Process Mining helps organizations gain transparency into how processes actually work, unlocking insights and uncovering optimization opportunities.

To help you gain insights quickly, Appian offers the Process Mining Kick-Start program. This assessment-based approach equips your team with Appian experts to leverage process mining, helping you easily identify and address bottlenecks in your workflows.

Use Cases

Logistic - Banking – Insurance

Large Digital and Business Process transformation program in the Financial Area involving almost 2,000 operators and more than 15 distributed centers to simplify and streamline the back-office day-by-day tasks to enhance Customer Centricity. The second phase of the project currently being launched will embrace other business areas (AFC, HR, Communication, Logistics and Corporate), in order to obtain a group solution that can be used for all areas of interest.

The solution is based on leading low-code technology that, combining the features of Case Management and intelligent workflows (iBPM) with the automation of repetitive tasks (RPA) and some advanced service (AI, ML, NLP), provides the company with a homogenized view of their processes, improving data quality and dramatically reducing human errors.


  • Lead time reduction of up to 60%
  • 70% back-log reduction
  • Realized some procedures in the COVID-19 field in 2-3 weeks

Use Cases

Energy & Utilities

Digital Desk Solution to automate and monitor the Energy & Utilities back-office processes in Customer Billing, Virtual Channel and Credit areas, involving 3,000 back-office operators with important reduction of the «time to serve» and of the «cost to serve» of the customers.

Almost-zero impact on the existing systems and procedures, thanks to the introduction of an Automation (RPA) solution that allows the easy interaction of the business users with the underlying systems, directly or through the robots, with the introduction of a Dynamic Case Management (iBPM) solution.


  • Strategic relevance due to customer serving process was partially in charge to outsourcers companies
  • The solution allowed to gain the complete governance of the entire process
  • Better control of the activities, quick introduction of new providers

Use Cases

Energy & Utilities

Extensive business and digital processes transformation program in the CFO area and in particular around SOX controls. The program has implemented a verified and comprehensive control system that ensures full compliance with regulations for all worldwide legal entities.

The solution is based on low-code and RPA technology combined with a custom portal for coordinating and monitoring actions performed by robots. The project provided the company with a homogeneous "E2E" vision of the compliance of its processes, guaranteeing the expected results on time and reducing human effort.


  • Over 175 controls already automated, being further expanded on other companies in the group and operational areas.
  • Currently in production with 40 robots, which perform H24 controls with an efficiency close to 98% of the available robotic capacity.
  • About 900 users are served by the platform.

How we work closely together

Atos is closely collaborating with Appian for leading digital transformation across many industries and in multiple successful customer implementations, focusing on intelligent business process management (iBPM), case management and robotic process automation (RPA).

Together, Atos and Appian enable clients to modernize and simplify processes to transform their business, creating a competitive advantage, increasing productivity and improving results.

Our strong expertise using the Appian low code platform in relevant use cases positions Atos as a leading service provider in hyper-automation projects.

Our extensive experience with Appian enables us to bring a balanced integration of the low-code platform in pre-existing application landscapes.

Atos skills are reinforced by the availability at Appian of in-person or on-line training courses that are always up-to-date and aligned on the last features of the suite. It is also possible to access the development team’s certification program with different skills and seniorities, participate to the community and access to the knowledge base for discussions with other practitioners.

Why Atos and Appian

Top-class resources

Rigorous training and certification process on Appian technology within Atos ensures a large pool of Appian certified experts to support our customers.

Continuous innovation

Joint vision to help customers gain an advantage in their marketplace.

Strong executive commitment

Strong alignment at every level of the organization from executives to experts.

Industry understanding

Deep industry knowledge and solutions across all vertical markets.

Proven technology

Innovative, pre-engineered solutions to optimize performance and reduce time to market.