Atos and Hitachi

Together we enable customers to realize the value of their data

Our partnership

The partnership between Atos and Hitachi Vantara combines the Atos Industry and Technology expertise with the Hitachi Vantara Infrastructure, LUMADA and Smart Spaces products for high performance, resilient and decarbonized solutions to provide cost effective and decarbonized IT transformation for the digital world.

This global Alliance aims to boost customers business by leveraging more data insights and automation, with trust and compliance; Atos and Hitachi Vantara are combining their best-of-breed offerings to provide end-to-end at the edge in the Cloud and Data Centers for Manufacturing, Transportation, Financial Services and Retail.

Our joint vision

Manage Customers Big Data

Together with Hitachi Vantara we deliver industry specific use cases based on IoT and analytics solutions from Edge to Cloud and we jointly deliver SAP HANA on certified BullSequana Servers to organizations worldwide.




Our joint solutions

IoT Development and Operations

We jointly pursue IoT Development for industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, Leisure, Energy & Utilities, among others. Together we focus on high-end innovation based on Hitachi Vantara’s technology coupled with the high service delivery standards Atos is known for.

With our joint IoT Development offerings we provision Atos services on top of Hitachi Vantara’s IoT platform, known as LUMADA. Additionally, Atos BullSequana Edge is certified for LUMADA Edge Intelligence.

Atos has a strong IoT footprint and together with the Hitachi partnership we are a major reference in the Internet of Things market today. Atos will continue to provide its customers with digitalization solutions and managed IoT Services. On top of that Hitachi Vantara LUMADA is becoming one of the cornerstones of Atos Edge services.


We are jointly delivering SAP HANA as a managed service. Together Atos and Hitachi Vantara help customers to maximize the operational and business advantage gained in real-time from their digital assets.

As an end-to-end provider of SAP HANA services, we can integrate solutions into an existing SAP application landscape through the global SAP capabilities of Atos and Hitachi Vantara. We provide global capability as a long-term SAP partner with hundreds of SAP projects worldwide over the past 30 years, serving over 1,300,000 end-users.


Analyze information from virtually any source

Capture, interpret and act upon live data in seconds

Supporting rapid decision-making based on accurate and informed insights

Commitment to ongoing innovation

Greater productivity

Video Intelligence

Insights into your data and automation help people, buildings and machines become more effective at what they do. Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence securely gathers, unites, manages and stores data from disparate systems across the world, delivering IoT, analytics, video and AI to buildings and people. With Atos services on top, we work within different sectors to enable cities, airports, retailers and other entities to become smarter, safer and more efficient.

Industry cases:


Traffic analysis, queue monitoring, intrusion area alerts.


Real-time people and parking data for crowd management. Drone detection to locate threats.


Operational intelligence: building utilization, attendance monitoring, activity analysis and fraud detection, facial recognition to identify dangerous individuals.


Customer behaviour: Dwell time monitoring, activity analysis and real world A/B testing to unlock insights on optimal product placements, to arrangement of the stores.


Camera health monitors trigger system management alert, support traffic and parking analysis.


Predictive crime analytics, facial recognition, intrusion and suspicious object alerts, situational awareness.

Cybersecurity – Identity Management

With a global team of 5000+ security specialists and a worldwide network of Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Atos offers an end-to-end security partnership.

Atos Evidian solutions are integrated with Hitachi to provide strong authentication leveraging Hitachi biometric products. Our joint offering with Hitachi replaces passwords with strong and unique Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure the ultimate security of our clients’ sensitive data, applications and resources by using biometric technology.

In addition, Atos IDnomic Credential Management System (CMS) which enables management of user certificate lifecycles and provides a single, secure system to manage user identities can leverage Hitachi biometric solutions. Combining our CMS with Hitachi biometrics allows customers to reinforce the security for access to critical data and resources.

Our experts

Josema Cavanillas

IoT Partner Management Director

Julie de La Tour

Partner Marketing – Cybersecurity

Patrick van der Griendt

Global Director SAP HANA at BDS

Thierry Durivaux

Global Alliance Executive