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Atos & AWS: Trusted partners for risk-free transformation

Atos and AWS

Delivering swift and risk-free cloud migrations for even the most complex legacy businesses, Atos and AWS will expertly guide enterprises through change – transforming mission-critical legacy environments into powerful platforms for innovation and sustainable future growth.

Partners since 2013, Atos and AWS bring together the market-leading technology, a deep understanding of legacy infrastructure, and the proven migration expertise our clients need to confidently embark on complex, at-scale global migrations.

Our Joint Offerings

From initial consultancy through design, migration and ongoing managed services, our expert people and established processes will guide you through change. Recognizing every enterprise is unique, our ground-breaking Atos OneCloud strategic initiative with end-to-end services provides tailored support at every stage of your journey.

With our help, you’ll release the pressure on existing resources, de-risk your migration and create agile, AI-driven environments to power your workloads, drive efficiencies and transform your organization into a global powerhouse of innovation.

“AWS is actively joining forces with Atos to help our enterprise customers move from traditional legacy IT infrastructure to modern cloud platforms.”

Elie Gerard, Atos CEO

Why Atos and AWS

Together, Atos and AWS bring together the market-leading technology, a deep understanding of legacy infrastructure, and the proven experience you need to de-risk your cloud migration.

  • We understand the inherent complexity of having mission-critical operations tied to legacy mainframes. We can help you ensure stability and continuity as key applications and services are transferred from one environment to another.
  • We know that the sovereignty and protection of data are of paramount importance, and can help you embed security, compliance, and auditability into the fabric of your migration.
  • We appreciate the realities of technical debt, and can help you unshackle your organization from them. We can help you turn a legacy environment into a future proof platform for growth.

Use Cases

From Mainframe to the Cloud with AWS and Atos

The customer, a Fortune 500 financial services provider, is an industry leader in cloud transformation. They were able to lower their costs by reducing data centers, and moving away from mainframes.


Moving to AWS enabled digital transformation through continuous reinvention for Philips, a global leader in healthcare.

Healthcare Technology Company

By consolidating and migrating more than half of a leading healthcare technology company’s servers to AWS, Atos helped it close 139 of its 200 data centers and streamline its operations.


As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Atos helps customers capitalize on their investment into the AWS cloud. And we are expertly positioned to do so with a global network of 675+ AWS specialists, 1000+ formal AWS certifications, and more than 3700 AWS accreditations.

This extensive knowledge underpins our end-to-end migration capabilities, and provides our clients with the dedicated guidance they need on every step of their journey to the cloud.

“Going all in on the cloud has enabled both instant provisioning of infrastructure and rapid innovation. We are able to manage data at a much larger scale and unlock the power of machine learning to deliver enhanced customer experiences.”

– Chris Nims, Senior Vice President of Cloud and Productivity Engineering, Capital One

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The mindset driving business decision making is shifting from industrial age thinking to digital change at speed. The shift towards digital means organizations around the world must be more agile, customer-centric, and rooted in data, which is all made possible by the cloud.

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Enterprises have historically relied on mainframe platforms to run mission-critical workloads. In today’s digital world, the architectural rigidness, short supply of trained resources, and high costs associated with mainframe systems often holds them back from taking advantage of new technologies that enable innovation.

Our Experts

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Senior Director Global Alliances AWS

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Global Product Manager DCS – AWS

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Partner Development Manager AWS EMEA