Global strategic alliance - Siemens

We will continue to combine the strength and expertise of both companies to bring innovative digital solutions to our customers and to leverage further sales opportunities.

Roland Busch,
President and CEO of Siemens AG

Leveraging our strong strategic Global Alliance with Siemens, we aspire to accelerate the digital transformation and growth of our customers. We want to contribute, together, to the consolidation of a sustainable, safe, and decarbonized digital ecosystem, focused on tomorrow’s digital challenges.

Rodolphe Belmer,
CEO of Atos

Atos-Siemens Global Alliance 4 pillars

Trusted and long-standing partnership

Since 2011, 5-year extension until at least 2025
Focused on joint business generation and growth

Enabling the Digital Enterprise

Digital at scale with vertical expertise and solutions
Platforms for data sharing within or across value chains

Human-Centricity and Sustainability

Secure and decarbonized digital
Immersive experience and multimodal interaction

Joint Technology Research

Artificial Intelligence
Edge Computing
Internet of Things
Cyber Security

Atos joined the Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace

Atos have just joined the Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace along with other major partners to introduce the Alliance joint portfolio in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy & Power Utilities, Transport and Decarbonization, combining the real and the digital worlds.

Our joint customer vision

Co-creation with our customers and outcome-based business models

For transformative digitalization, barriers between domains need to be surmounted. New business models are emerging within and across organizations, simplifying trust collaboration and co-creation.

Atos and Siemens understand the evolving challenges of their customers. The co-innovation between customers, Siemens and Atos has yielded spectacular results, by pooling our experts into One Team working together towards the same goal.

Smart Factory Programs

Atos and Siemens have been working together with manufacturers to deploy innovative and sustainable and decarbonized services for clients worldwide.

Process Digital Twin for Pharma

Digital technologies such as IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics are enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase the efficiency and profitability of their factories.

Digital multi-service network infrastructure for urban transport

High-end signaling & automation technology for mass transportation in dense traffic areas.

Smart Hospital Services

Accelerate your smart hospitals programs for a safer and sustainable future connecting IT and OT for efficient and patient-centric care.

Smarter Energy Trading

Comprehensive Energy and Trading Risk Management across the value chain for the wholesale and retail market.

AI on Edge on the shopfloor

AI on Edge-driven quality control leading to higher first pass yield (FPY) in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs), jointly developed by Atos and Siemens to support manufacturers.

The nature of Atos and Siemens’ solutions allows them to be deployed at any scale or complexity. Leveraging reusable technological building blocks new digital business solutions can be deployed faster and at lower costs, in various industries.

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The alliance between Atos and Siemens is shaping our ever more connected world, harnessing connectivity to advance digital industry and intelligent infrastructure.

The combined strengths of a leader in digital transformation and a technology powerhouse are creating a smart, safe, and sustainable future for digital industry around the world.

Atos and Siemens, together, we make the digital future happen!

Over the past 10 years, Atos and Siemens have created a strong ecosystem combining the real world with the digital world. Today we are proud to extend this long-lasting and trusted alliance to create a more secure and sustainable digital future.

About Atos-Siemens Global Alliance

Atos and Siemens are strategic partners since 2011. Their world-renowned partnership has allowed customers to benefit from the unique value proposition of a global leader in digital transformation and a global technology powerhouse to even better shape their digital future. Major technology breakthroughs have been achieved for both groups in IoT, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Edge computing, and materialized into an end-to-end joint digital solutions and services portfolio. 2020 marks the launch of a new joint go-to-market initiative that will leverage the existing €330 million common digital investments and will significantly support the digital growth ambitions laid out by each company. Without limiting the scope of the cooperation, there will be a specific focus on the following markets: Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Airports, Hospitals, Digital Grid, Safe Office, and Digital workplace.

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