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Atos and IBM

Atos and IBM have been supporting customers in resolving digital challenges for more than twenty years. Atos & IBM combine joint assets and build on full-fledged IBM solutions that cover a wide breadth of technologies including hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and data insights, IoT, server and storage infrastructure, together with the full IBM software portfolio. Atos leverages its wide industry expertise and transformation services such as Atos OneCloud, a one-stop shop enabling customers to plan and implement their cloud transformation.

Our joint vision

Today all industries are being profoundly transformed by technology. Technology has indeed become critical to any business transformation.

Asset-heavy industries such as manufacturing and logistics have just begun to adopt technologies like analytics and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, advanced robotics and digital platforms. It is critical that they take action in order to automate, monitor and optimize business processes, reduce carbon waste and promote recycling, deploying innovative new services underpinned by cloud-based infrastructures and application platforms.

Our Offerings

Cognitive business solutions

Atos and IBM have developed innovative offerings for asset-heavy industries such as Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Oil and Gas, Retail and Transportation, that fully leverage key IBM solutions such as IBM Watson and IBM Maximo. These offerings aim at better managing plants, assets and products throughout their full operating cycle.

Production Plant Monitoring & Control Center

offers the ability to identify areas for improvement within and across plants. Clients will have real time visibility into operations and KPI(s) with clear insights and alerts to areas they need to focus and act on to ensure smooth and continuous operations.

Asset Health assessments and Predictive MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations)

decreases unplanned downtimes and increases asset lifetimes, thus leading to a reduction of capital expenses. Clients will have visibility to asset health scores so they can plan and optimize their capital expense budgets and procurement plans.

Visual Inspection Management and Quality Optimization using data analytics

will increase quality and yield by enabling quality engineering to consistently scale and automate in-station/cell visual inspection data analytics, problem identification and resolution processes.

MRO Knowledge and Connected Technician Assistants

will lead to decreased mean time to repair (MTTR) and increase in factory to retail (FTR) by allowing service technicians to have access to MRO knowledge & insights, diagnostic tolls, etc.

Large Equipment Cognitive Packaging Design & Engineering Advisory

will help design packaging of large equipment for safe, secure and reliable transportation, leading to a decrease in logistics related damages and insurance costs.

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud is the underpinning framework for deploying cognitive business solutions that are supported by technologies such as AI/ML, analytics, IoT and automation.

The joint approach by IBM & Atos enables customers to build and manage business solutions across any cloud (private or public) or any on-premise infrastructure with a common platform, allowing clients to skill once, build once and manage from a single pane of glass.

The foundation of our approach is Red Hat OpenShift integrated within Atos OneCloud as one of its primary application platforms. Red Hat OpenShift is a container platform for Kubernetes that can automate the provisioning, management and scaling of applications so that they may be deployed seamlessly and at scale across any cloud.

Modern Infrastructure

Atos and IBM have a long-standing relationship around advanced, modern infrastructure platforms. Atos is proposing a large product range from the broad portfolio of IBM infrastructure products and solutions — including storage, systems, and software.

Atos Escala, based on the POWER9 and POWER10 architectures, are scalable and cloud-ready server platforms supporting the AIX and Linux operating systems, providing virtualization, OpenStack based cloud integration, security, and on-demand options as well as high availability/disaster recovery capabilities.

Atos is also one of the leading providers of managed services on IBM Z, IBM’s mainframe solution for mission-critical applications, delivering next-level data privacy, security, and resiliency.

Atos’ Mainframe as a Service offering offers a pay-per-use financial model for managed services, eliminating cost challenges, service issues and addressing staff shortages – delivering elastic data center operations at lower infrastructure costs.

In order to meet the tremendous demand of key industries, notably in telecommunications with the roll out of the 5G, Atos and IBM also collaborate on Edge computing, combining theBullSequana Edgeserver and IBM Edge Application Manager assets, Deployment & Management services, enabling better data control, reduced costs, faster insights and actions, and continuous operations.

About IBM

IBM is a leading multinational hybrid cloud, AI and IT consulting corporation headquartered in the United States. IBM provides open hybrid cloud platform architecture, based on RedHat OpenShift, a software portfolio focused on data and AI, automation, and security as well as business, strategy & technology consulting. It also manufactures and sells system hardware.

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