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Our partnership

Atos and IBM have been solving customer issues with IBM technology for more than twenty years. Our constant flow of solutions covers a wide breadth of IBM technologies including Mainframe, Unix and Intel servers and their associated storage technologies, together with the corresponding IBM software portfolio.

Our joint capabilities are now enhanced by the Atos merger with Bull and their unique OEM based partnership with IBM, developed over the last two decades.

Our offering

Whether you are looking for a new business solution, hardware or software installations, or to refresh or expand your existing estate, you can trust Atos and IBM to deliver first-rate, integrated and cost-effective projects.

The strength of our Alliance can be seen in our joint Power(Reg TM)-based server offer, Escala which “includes the AIX and Linux operating systems, PowerVM and KVM virtualization, OpenStack based cloud integration, security, and on-demand options as well as high availability/disaster recovery solutions.

Bull brings truly profound AIX® expertise. Atos brings expert IBM customer experience and industry focused knowledge. Combined, we provide the best partnership on the market; regularly generating innovative functionality, in areas such as scalability, RAS, virtualization and cloud enablement.

Our joint approach

Atos and IBM demonstrate on a day to day basis that we can team up seamlessly to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace by maximizing the combined strength of our products and services to deliver optimized benefits to our customers.

About IBM

IBM is a multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in the United States. It manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and provides infrastructure, hosting, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.


Advance Business Process Management


Advance Business Process Management

Atos and IBM: your partners in digital transformation.
Attain new levels of agility, transparency and control over essential business processes with Atos and IBM. The business processes your enterprise relies on are critical and potentially differentiating assets – and these assets are just as important as your real estate or human capital.

Enjoy the virtualization with Bull Escala servers


Enjoy the virtualization with bull Escala servers

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, the performance of businesses and public sector organizations depends more than ever on information systems. The explosion in demand for computing power and the widespread growth of mobility are fundamental transformations driving a gradual revolution in the IT ecosystem.