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Relationships between consumer and product are changing rapidly and irrevocably. Atos puts you in control of this digitally-driven shift in manufacturing.

It’s a great time to be in manufacturing – if you accept the digital challenge


Every manufacturing sector is massively affected by digitally-driven change. Previously fragmented supply chains become virtual teams; customers build online relationships with products; additive manufacturing and machine-to-machine begin to impact.

There is one dominant characteristic in all this change: connectedness. Learning how to exploit the massive and growing volumes of data in this connected world becomes your key to sustainable success.

Atos has impeccable credentials in manufacturing, working with companies including Coca Cola, Renault and Bayer. We are active in aerospace, automotive, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, high tech and engineering, life sciences.

We have the focus on industry 4.0, SAP HANA, MES and PLM. We have the specialized alliances, with Siemens leading. And we are already leading in new data analytics initiatives.

Bring all this together in partnership and it leads not only to digital transformation – but to manufacturing transformed.

The digitalization of the manufacturing market is breaking through: spending in IT services is increasing in the manufacturing markets much higher than in other industries leading to a share of round about 25% of all spending for manufacturing in 2020.

Source: PAC

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Look at digital transformation in manufacturing from four perspectives.

Customer experience

Can you go beyond building enduring loyalty and actively involve customers in business development?

Operational excellence

When every manufacturing business is part of an extended eco-system, how do you establish the master dashboard view?

Business reinvention

Where do your new alliances and opportunities lie – what, for example, can a connected car connect to?

Trust and compliance

Look beyond data protection – does your security strategy contribute to continual adherence to regulation and compliance?

The Manufacturing Market

Industry 4.0 accelerates your digital transformation

Video statement of Philippe Miltin on the global manufacturing market.

What our clients say about us

Atos and Siemens underline the importance of Franco-German business collaboration during French Prime Minister visit of the new Atos Business Technology & Innovation Center of Munich

Atos and Siemens underline the importance of Franco-German business collaboration

“Our partnership with Atos forms one of the largest strategic relationships ever between a global engineering company and a global IT provider. It serves as a living example of a true European Champion created by France and Germany. Combining our strengths, we enable our customers around the globe to take full advantage of the next wave of industrial IT.”

Joe Kaeser, President and CEO, Siemens AG

View Siemens Press Release

The perfect storm for the Automotive Industry

The global trends of urbanization, climate change and digitalization are challenging the automotive industry. Atos believes that this will lead to a customer service centric business model. Mobility in this new world will be shared and autonomous.

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