Atos Digital Performance Management for SAP powered by Cisco AppDynamics

“Atos and Cisco have a 25-year partnership to create customer value in an increasingly connected world. As a Titan AppDynamics Partner, Atos creates new ways for organizations to manage and monitor connected SAP systems, moving them towards an intelligent, connected infrastructure for manufacturing.”

Robert Madl, Global Partner Executive at Cisco

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‘How to tackle the pain for even greater gain’

Kabir Sharma, Atos manufacturing and SAP expert, shares real customers’ insights on the challenges of moving to S/4HANA and how Atos helps.

Learn how you can move to SAP S/4HANA faster and with greater confidence

Our exclusive video and blog series explores the challenges & opportunities of transitioning to S/4HANA

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Our experts from Atos and Cisco AppDynamics discuss:

  • Real customer insights on the challenges of moving to S/4HANA
  • How to optimize your SAP environment and reduce production interruptions by 70%
  • How to move to SAP S/4HANA faster
  • How to improve CX and reduce production interruptions

Benefits for your business

Maintain and enhance customer experience with Application Management

By taking a more proactive approach with self-healing applications through ServiceNow integrated with AppDynamics, you can reduce incidents by up to 60% and deliver the best level of CX with a 70% reduction in end-user impact.

Deliver SLAs to maintain and improve business levels with Business Process Performance Optimization

Improve your SLA performance to maintain a consistent level of business and revenue by discovering and fixing the root cause of business process performance issues faster. By using AI, you can have monitoring up and running within 2 hours to reduce MTTR by 80%, thereby boosting transaction and bottom-line business performance.

Move SAP to the cloud with trust and confidence with Application Transformation

Reduce risk and increase efficiency by discovering and optimizing applications and infrastructure through full stack observability

Our automated business process monitoring provides real-time discovery of end-to-end business processes including SAP and all interrelated apps and infrastructure, managed though a single pane of glass. Quickly highlight root cause of issues during transformation and easily compare pre- and post transformation business process performance to prove ROI.

Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio


Insight and Inspiration for your SAP business process management

Jumpstart or trouble-shoot your SAP initiatives in this complementary* 90-minute virtual studio tailored to your needs.

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“Atos is a trusted Cisco AppDynamics Titan partner with extensive ServiceNow integration experience and 13,000 SAP consultants, making them a unique industry specialist.
Real-Time Digital Performance Management for SAP, is a powerful monitoring solution harnessing the AppDynamics Business Observability platform. Users benefit from the combined expertise of ATOS and AppDynamics, two industry-leading SAP experts, to improve visibility into their SAP applications and enhance migration of SAP to the cloud as well as achieving automation with ServiceNow.”

James Harvey, Regional CTO at Cisco AppDynamics

Find out how Digital Performance Management for SAP can help your business

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Deliver the customer and user experiences you need as you look to migrate to SAP S/4HANA.

Our end-to-end approach for SAP S/4HANA transformation combines real-time application insights delivered by Cisco AppDynamics and integrated with ServiceNow, supporting a smoother, more efficient transformation.

  • Realtime discovery of pre-migrated end-to-end business process performance across SAP & interconnected systems
  • Automated ServiceNow CMDB creation and/or enrichment of underlying application, infrastructure and network assets
  • Optimization of business process performance through the use of AI to identify the root cause of incidents and help you rationalize your infrastructure to make sure you only migrate what is needed
  • Build a business case for change and demonstrate the ROI after transition with proactive, real-time monitoring and management of all business processes.

Dashboards provide a central view of how specific business processes are performing.

The #1 Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution and full-stack, business-centric observability platform.

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“The Atos Digital Performance Management for SAP solution comes uniquely pre-packaged with ServiceNow integration blueprints for ITOM, enabling customers to move from reactive reporting of SLA performance to proactive Business Process management. This application of pre-packaged blueprints can support customers to achieve a transformative 65% reduction in P1/2 incidents.”

Jeff Hausman, VP & GM, Operations Management, ServiceNow

Why choose Atos Real-Time Digital Performance Management for SAP?

  • SAP Global Outsourcing Services Partner of the Year
  • Access to APM center of excellence powered by AppDynamics
  • Move quickly to self-healing apps with SAP, AppDynamics, and ServiceNow integration blueprints and best practice processes specifically for the manufacturing industry
  • SAP S/4HANA transformation accelerator
  • Verticalized offerings with pre-configured business process dashboards
  • 13,000+ skilled professionals supporting 3 million+ SAP end-users
  • High level of security; we are the third largest provider of managed security services
  • OpEx managed service offering

Our Solutions in Action

From reactive to proactive Business Process monitoring – how trouble-shooting SAP performance issues faster keeps production lines flowing.

Manufacturing downtime can mean a significant loss of revenue. So, getting early warning of possible SAP performance issues and associated route cause is more than just insightful – it’s business-critical.

We enabled a leading manufacturer to shift from reactive to proactive SAP monitoring and ensure seamless business operations, taking the pressure off IT management while also protecting the bottom line.

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Production interruptions reduced by 70% after shift to proactive SAP monitoring and management.

Innovation, rapid design, and production processes require predictable and scalable SAP application performance.

By transitioning to real-time business process monitoring, our customer was able to proactively manage their business-critical SAP applications, moving them away from manual monitoring, speeding up root-cause analysis (RCA) and enabling them to scale while protecting their production line.

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