Digital Workplace for Manufacturing

Atos brings the Digital Workplace to all areas of manufacturing

The profound change in the world of work, brought about by technology innovation and “the new normal”, now enables most office workers to access all relevant business applications from anywhere. We communicate and collaborate with colleagues through a range of channels, using powerful mobile devices that are always connected.

A similarly profound digital transformation for the future workplace is happening right now – on the shop floors of our factories.

There are new and interdependent trends that will fundamentally change the digital workplace on the shop floor. They are data integration, constant innovation and employee experience. Together these trends will enable new levels of productivity. As with the consumer digital experience, the shop floor workplace will become more mobile, more integrated and more flexible than ever before, improving productivity and employee experience. And this transformation of our factory shop floors is significantly gathering pace.

With our Digital Employee Experience Platform we cover all 4 areas that are critically driving change today. Thus we can support your organization in the manufacturing industry to empower your employees to work anywhere, anytime without compromising security and performance.

Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio

Insight and Inspiration for your Smart Factory Plan

Explore options and best practices for Digital Workplace as part of your Smart Factory initiative with this complementary 90-minute virtual studio, tailored to your needs.

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Why Atos Digital Workplace?

Office workers:


home working in the new normal


Would leave job for remote working

Source: Gallup

IT´s massive impact on EX:


of employee experience is IT

How likely would you recommend your company based on IT?


promoters vs


Source: Gartner 2018

Reduce costs true DWP:


in IT ops

up to


in HR service desk

Green IT is saving money:

Consuming one euro of digital technology in 2018 induces direct and indirect energy consumption



than what it was in 2010

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