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Transforming workplaces into agile, secure, integrated environments means more empowered employees are driving business success, and Atos is here to help.

We enable your digital workplace transformation goals with the strategic changes required for a more flexible, mobile, and accessible business environment.

Atos brings a range of scalable solutions and services including managing legacy end points, IoT and industrial devices, analytics and artificial intelligence, and 3D reality experiences to help optimize field services and shop floor workflows.

Digital Employee Experience

  • Persona mapping assessments, to tailor a personalized environment built to serve a wide range of working locations and styles
  • Data analytics to discover and quantify workplace needs and issues in real time, introducing new KPIs and experience level agreements (XLAs)
  • Innovative workplace solutions to enhance employee experience, including AI, chatbots, mobile apps and more.

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Mixed Reality Operations and Training

  • Atos interactive reality covers a wide range of immersive experience technologies including augmented, mixed, or virtual reality
  • Combine communication and collaboration tools with mixed-reality robotic support, real-time production analytics and intelligent connected devices
  • Optimize operations and adjust or deliver training as required, whether on the factory floor, offsite, or remotely

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Remote Expert Services

  • Connect, complement, and orchestrate the manufacturing environment for a seamless, secure end-to-end interactive collaboration service
  • With remote expert communication, you benefit from specialized sales engagements, production management or education

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Alarm Response for Critical Business

Atos Unify OpenScape Alarm Response (OScAR) is a powerful cloud-based alert-alarm communications solution that helps to quickly identify critical situations and pushes information to the right people at the right time.

OScAR helps orchestrate urgent responses to expedite corrective action, from protecting your workforce to optimizing production and supply chain processes.

Client Story

PERI: Worldwide User Support

PERI improves responsiveness and service delivery flexibility, even during COVID-19, with digital workplace services from Atos.

Atos delivered a highly efficient centralized customer helpdesk that supports more than 7,000 PERI employees worldwide, meeting stringent SLA requirements for exceptional customer experiences.

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Client Story

Hoco Beton: Augmented Interactive Reality (AIR)

Hoco Beton, a specialist in prefabricated concrete building materials, wanted to optimize their digital manufacturing processes to save time, improve value and decrease waste.

Together with Atos they leveraged the potential of AIR to help welders and quality engineers increase quality, minimize waste and reduce energy consumption.

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Digital Workplace for Manufacturing

Digital Workplace for Manufacturing

Most office workers can now access business applications from anywhere. A similar transformation is taking place on the shop floor. Discover how Atos brings the digital workplace to manufacturing.

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Digital Workplace to Manufacturing

Tailoring the Digital Workplace to Manufacturing

COVID-19 has accelerated the journey to a digital workplace across every industry. For manufacturing’s wide range of working locations and styles, a “one size fits all” approach just doesn’t work.

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Digital Vision for Engaged Employee Experience

Digital Vision for Engaged Employee Experience

Discover Atos exciting new approach to the next frontier of work. Our goal is to create a new intersection between technology, people, and things — enabling every employee, wherever they are.

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