Augmented Interactive Reality

AIR is in the air

Augmented Interactive Reality


Our AIR product allows customizable augmented reality solutions, by using scalable and repeatable modules selected for client use cases.

AIR consists of Google Cloud where all computation takes place and an application for any applicable AR device (HoloLens, Tablet, Smartphone, AR goggles, etc).

What customers say


“We are very satisfied with the AIR software being used in our workplace. The solution and value of use is mapped to our business needs.

The HoloLens solution with Atos its AIR solution has successfully been used in practice at our factory in The Netherlands”

Ruud Smeets – Director Hoco Beton

Workplace will never be the same again


AIR will get you a new perception of digital content, like 3D digital models, augmented in the user view in real-time, which helps explain the maintenance of a machine or enhance your workplace.

By displaying the right information at the right time, we make sure that process will be optimized, therefore saving time, increasing quality and minimizing waste.

Inspired? Contact our AIR experts!

Danny Oldenhave

Operational Director

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Erik Kuiper

Creative Director

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Wim Ederveen

Technical Director

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