Augmented Interactive Reality

AIR is in the air


The Augmented Interactive Reality (AIR) platform of Atos visualizes 3D-models in the real world. We deliver our solution along with full digital & hands on support, updates and user-friendly functionalities. These functionalities include but are not limited to additional metadata, photo’s, videos and questionnaires that can be assigned a mandatory status to be filled in by users.

The implementation takes place through a change management program to ensure the maximization of value. Current use-cases where AIR has added value are in education & courses, production, remote assistance and quality checks.


Atos AIR Holoplan is a solution to visualize BIM (IFC) models including attached metadata and enables interaction with these models by useage of several tools, like e.g. our ruler tool. Consequently, companies in the construction & prefab industry have:

  • Been enabled in working paper-less
  • Had no more translating issues when trying to translate from 3D (models) to 2D (plan) and back to 3D (realization)
  • Been able to deliver prefab elements correctly in one try by preventing errors
  • Showcase product results directly
  • Expanded the effectiveness of their quality checkups and following reports
  • Increases their employee satisfaction

Our client Hoco Beton

Our Augmented Interactive Reality (AIR) product allows for customizable AR/MR/VR solutions by working with scalable and repeatable modules selected for a specific use case. Our product consists of a cloud-based platform where all computation takes place and an application for any applicable device (e.g. HoloLens, Tablet, Smartphone, VR goggles). By displaying the right information at the right time, we make sure that process will be optimized, therefore saving time, increasing quality and minimizing waste.

Our client Romein Beton

At Romein Beton, an interactive augmented reality application of the HoloLens has been introduced in collaboration with ATOS and the Process Innovation department of BTE. This allows quality checks to be carried out quickly and paperless in a simple manner. By showing the right information at the right time, the quality control process is easier, faster and more fun. This saves time, reduces waste and increases product quality during the production process.


Through use of the Atos AIR Augmented Interactive Maintenance (AIM) solution our customers

  • ·Save on costs normally spent on traditional ways of educating employees
  • Always work with up-to-date models and manuals
  • Have found a faster, more efficient way of doing maintenance
  • Enabled their service engineers to operate from their home/office locations
  • Found savings in travel- time & -costs

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