Atos Engaged Employee Experience Platform

Navigating the disruptive changes to how, where, when, and on what we work

Engaged Employee Experience Platform

At Atos, we believe that the new digital and distributed way of working imposed by the COVID-19 crisis is not only sustainable but can be further evolved. Technology has transformed the way that most of us work, but now is the time to genuinely become more efficient and effective, breaking through layers of complication and inertia.

We are ready to address the changes in the very nature of the way we think about work and these can catalyze a breakthrough in the productivity paradox. We help you to transition to a “new normal” that enables your employees to work anytime, anyplace, on any device without compromising on security, compliance, or governance with our end-to-end Engaged Employee Experience Platform.


of organizations will commit to hybrid by 2022.

Forrester 2021

Ready to deliver the Future of Work!

Flip from traditional workplace management to modern workplace management that empowers your employees intuitively, securely, and instantly from any device.



Experience Design, Agile Transformation, Change & Adoption, Data-driven consulting.


Solutions to enhance employee engagement.

Safe and Smart Physical Spaces

Transformation of the physical workspace.


Collaboration Reimagined

Empowering users with modern tools, platforms, and workflow automation.


From modern management to device as-a-service and zero-trust.

Proactive & Data-Driven

Data-driven analytics to drive EX transformation proactively with XLAs.

Intelligent Care Center

Embedding real-time intelligence at the heart of end-user care.



Delivering end-to-end Inclusive User Experience (IUX) leveraging a range of accessible, assistive technology services.

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Services to reduce and offset carbon in workplace services.

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Our experts

James McMahon

Head of Atos Digital Workplace

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Melanie de Vigan

Mélanie de Vigan

Workplace Product Manager

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