Intelligent Collaboration

Benefit from a mobile, real-time and collaborative way to work

Intelligent Collaboration is a key enabler of the digital transformation. It is a core component to enable the new way of working. It enables employees to connect, communicate and to collaborate with others in an intuitive, engaging and effective way, in order to bring out the best of themselves and others.

Intelligent Collaboration empowers employees

  • to find documents, information, people, places, etc.
  • to collaborate through voice, email, chat, video, etc. into a unified interface
  • to collaborate from anywhere and any device in a seamless experience
  • to create content across distributed teams
  • to control the security of their data

Intelligent Collaboration brings together the digital world – improving teamwork inside and outside the boundaries of the enterprise – and the physical world – leveraging IoT technologies to enable the journey to smart offices.

Get work done!

Intelligent Collaboration solutions help to cope with all the challenges that enterprises can face, such as:

Need to share a problem or an idea with the team?

Need to find a document or an expert?

Need to collaborate on content from anywhere?

Need to enhance meeting experience?

Want to be social without the security risk?

Have specific business requirements for time critical communications?

Embedding Intelligent Collaboration at the heart of the Atos Digital Workplace

Atos has unique capabilities around transforming collaboration, with its ability to manage any legacy environment, assessing the business requirements, identifying the best solutions to move toward a truly collaborative environment, deploying and integrating them in a secure way, activating the change of mindset which is required to be successful in this journey toward intelligent collaboration and finally managing the environments and supporting the end users.
Depending on your requirements we seamlessly integrate best-of-breed unified communication and collaboration products from Unify, the Atos collaboration brand, Google and Microsoft. We also have a partnership with Sinequa to deliver Business Search capabilities to our customers and work with several other vendors through our extended partner network, e.g. Polycom, Cisco, Slack…

Use tools for collaboration and productivity

Separation dash

There are many tools and apps to help you communicate and collaborate with your team members from all around the world in an efficient way.

What our customers say

Care Quality Commission

With Atos’ help, CQC decided to embark on an intensive program of technological and behavioural transformation to migrate all its 3,500 colleagues to Microsoft Office 365 in just six months


A behind the scenes view of Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center and Industry Experience Center

Global energy company

Atos provided this energy customer a secure, flexible and unified workplace solution, available anytime, on any device

Multinational conglomerate

A large enterprise has been working with Atos for traditional telephone management services across its offices in several countries

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