Accessibility and Assistive Technology - An Inclusive End User Experience (IUX)

Accessibility enables greater inclusivity providing benefits for organisations, their employees and customers

Inclusion, Aligned to our Raison D’etre, is an Atos core value and we want to work with you to enable everyone to achieve their full potential through technology.

We are pleased to help our clients create Inclusive User Experiences (IUX) and offer a range of Accessible and Assistive Technology Services to help:

Attract and retain talent

Support Aging & Disabled Workers / Customers

Improve Employee Wellbeing

Reduce Unnecessary Absence

Ensure Compliance

Enhance Efficiency

The Gartner report “Top strategic predictions for 2020 and beyond” states that it should be a CIO imperative to “Make accessibility a core principle”, “Look for scalable accommodation opportunities” and “Promote accessibility options broadly”


Why Atos

Being inclusive goes beyond simply providing Assistive Technology. It requires a holistic and systematic approach to delivering products and services to end users that proactively and effectively enable them to maximise their contribution regardless of disability or impairment. This requires application of best practices from experts through appropriate technology adoption, training and knowledge transfer.

It also requires an empathetic approach that considers any person to be capable of contributing fully to their organisation and entitled to the removal of barriers, to their full inclusion in the life of the organisation.

From experience already gained with multiple customers over many years, Atos are uniquely positioned to deliver enterprise wide inclusivity solutions and services that enable our customers and partners to meet their legal and ethical commitments. Beyond that, it allows all of their employees and end users the opportunity of working experience within which they can contribute fully.


Key offerings


Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility As A Service


Accessibility Consulting

Our team are available to help and advise you address your accessibility challenges whether that be a one off project or a program to operationalise accessibility. If you are just getting started on your accessibility journey or wanting to take stock and build on what you already have our Maturity Assessment can help you understand what is needed and align with organisational priorities.

The “Accessibility Maturity Model” A framework to assess & address inclusion issues

Our accessibility testing offering helps organisations evaluate existing websites, services and applications against standards such as EN301549, Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 and is ready to help during the development process of new offerings to help ensure that they serve the widest possible audience.

Accessibility As A Service – Full Accessibility ECO-System Management

Successful implementations of enterprise wide accessibility programs are as dependent on culture and processes as on technology: Atos have a proven track record and are recognized industry leaders in accessibility as well as being consistently rated highly by industry analysts for Digital Transformation which includes People & Culture Change, Digital Workplace Services and Service Integration.

We combine our accessibility expertise, deep technical knowledge, scale and a partner network spanning both large and small companies to proactively and systematically deliver Accessibility as a Service. This dramatically improves Compatibility, Interoperability and Compliance in an accessible and inclusive workplace environment.

Atos – recognized for our vision on accessibility

Active participation in key disability inclusion initiatives:

  • Atos was the 1st CAC 40 company to join Valuable 500
  • Signature of “Manifeste pour l’inclusion des personnes handicapées dans la vie économique” France (13.11.19)
  • Signatories to ILO Global Business Disability Network Agreement
  • Business Disability Forum – Partner

Leading Accessibility Professionalisation Initiatives

  • Via IAAP, United Nations, W3C & Institute for Apprentices
  • Advising / Influencing Governments & Decision Makers
  • (UK, Canada, Germany, Argentina, The United Nations, Austria & World Economic Forum) and Global Bank

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Accessibility Policy


  • Technically accessible […],
  • Equally usable […],
  • Capable of being adapted […],
  • Able to interface with appropriate, widely available Assistive Technologies […].

Our commitment

Embedding Accessibility

We are determined to position accessibility as a fundamental and integral aspect of all our ICT systems and related services; we are therefore making accessibility, and accessibility competence, a mandatory consideration in the specifications of all ICT products and services we purchase and deliver. Atos will provide ICT systems that not only comply with relevant accessibility standards and enable us to meet our legal obligations, but more importantly also enable us to:

  • Attract & retain talent from the widest possible pool.
  • Enhance efficiency.
  • Act as a trusted resource to enable access for millions of customers worldwide. Our aim is to ensure ease of use by people with varying capabilities, including, but not limited to, users of a range of assistive technologies.


Neil Milliken

Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion
and member of the Scientific Community

Follow or contact Neil:
Linkedin | Twitter | Mail

Jim Smith

Assistive Technology Specialist, Senior Expert
and member of the Scientific Community

Follow or contact Jim:
Linkedin | Twitter | Mail

ICT4 Inclusion Innovation Challenge,
jointly organised by Atos & GIZ

About the challenge

Digital technologies have great potential to support the inclusion of persons with disabilities. At the same time, accessible solutions improve the user-friendliness for everyone including elderly persons, those with dyslexia and analphabets. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerates digital transformation in all sectors and therefore significantly increases the need for solutions enabling access to education, employment, and government services.

Atos and GIZ set up a joint innovation challenge targeted at digital innovations (tech products and services) aimed at the social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities and local job creation – in the 2022 edition – with focus on mitigating the impact of climate change on people with disabilities – in India.

Banner abstract landscape. Man's hands holding mobile phone

The innovation challenge will entail a training bootcamp for selected innovators or entrepreneurs with and without disabilities to take their digital business models to the next level.

To get informed about the opening of the challenge please register your interest in the ITC4 Inclusion Innovation challenge via email to Atos ICT4IC team before start of the challenge or on the dedicated ICT4IC event webpage.

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