Secure Digital Workplace Platform

Empower your employees whilst maintaining the highest levels of security

For many years, workplaces in the enterprise have remained traditional. Companies locked down devices to achieve security, manageability and cost efficiency.

This way of working does not meet the needs of today’s end-users who are used to having access to modern devices and variety of cloud based services.

We are here to help you flip from traditional workplace management to modern workplace management; we are here to help you empowering your employees. But what does it mean for them?

  • Having a single identity to access all their services
  • Working from any device, own or corporate, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Ordering a new device from a portal and onboarding it in a few minutes
  • Easily requesting and accessing new apps
  • Accessing and sharing files & documents from any device
  • protecting company assets from accidental data loss

Atos delivers a holistic solution across all departments, providing a ‘single point of access’ to data and applications, at the time of need, intuitively, securely and instantly – from any device.

Benefits of Solution


Together we define the strategy, the policies and take care of the rollout and implementation of your digital workplace. Based on key technologies and relying on a strong ecosystem of partners, including Microsoft and VMware, we enable a new-style of management, enabling BYOD and mobility as part of your IT strategy.

Our platforms allows enrolling, controlling and securing equipment, applications and data, and our experience in managing change will ensure success.

Consistent user experience to deliver true business value

The Atos Digital Workplace delivers a transformed user experience with complete end-to-end management. Businesses can benefit from more engaged, productive employees, able to deliver improved customer service and responsiveness

Frictionless and secure access to all your apps and data

Atos Digital Workplace combines identity and device management, aligned with defined personas, to enforce access decisions based on a range of conditions: from strength of authentication, to network, location and device compliance. IT can be sure that the security of business-critical information is not compromised, and that incidents of non-compliant work arounds and use of non-corporate tools are limited

Transformed partnerships and contracts that share the risk

A new way of working requires new relationships – between service provider, vendor and client, between departments and between client and customers. These partnerships, transformed from the old legacy supplier-client approach, share risk and innovation. Atos gives a commitment to exceptional user satisfaction rates and user adoption rates through its service level agreements for the Digital Workplace, an industry first

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Global footprint

Atos supports more than 2.1 million desktop devices and more than 750,000 mobile devices and has been providing comprehensive mobility solutions since 2002, in more than 70 countries

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Analyst report

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James McMahon

Head of Atos Digital Workplace

Mélanie de Vigan

Digital Workplace Domain Manager

Lothar Schaeffler

Product Manager, mobility solutions