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Atos-Siemens Global Alliance

A trusted partnership for a digital industry

Atos and Siemens have been working together with manufacturers to deploy innovative and sustainable and decarbonized services for clients worldwide. Agility and responsiveness allow us to stay ahead of the competition and manufacture a new future. We work together to harness and leverage data to monitor, interpret and respond in real-time to both internal operations and across extended global supply chains. Manufacturers prepared to take the next step and digitally transform their organizations can gain significant rewards. To accelerate this momentum and capitalize on emerging opportunities, the Atos-Siemens Alliance is introducing a suite of Smart Factory programs in line with Atos Manufacturing’s wider Smart Factory solutions.

The Future of Manufacturing Technology

A Smart Factory has to be progressive, not binary — with the potential of becoming increasingly smarter and faster to deliver more value for your business. Our Alliance recognizes the existing assets manufacturers have invested in to leverage and enhance your current technology infrastructure to bring your factory into the future. Together, lets transform and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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Address your priorities at any stage of the manufacturing journey, whether you’re just getting started or advancing with your smart factory solutions, find out more about our complimentary 90-minute virtual studio session.

Our goal is to enable your enterprise to evolve and scale ahead of the market. The Smart Manufacturing Studio sessions bring together your key stakeholders with our technologists, consultants, executives and partners in a discussion around your smart factory challenges and opportunities.

It will allow you to:

1. Focus on the right areas of innovation

2. Maximize your existing capabilities and create new ones

3. Implement a trusted method for new value creation

4. Scale your success

5. Grow revenue and reduce costs

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Siemens Solutions – powered by Atos


Our Alliance ensures Manufactures have access to the most advanced technology which delivers industry specific value such as: Identifying performance gains, mapping out new business capabilities and ensuring you get actionable results.

Suite of PLM applications to deliver complex designs within global teams.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution for a holistic digitalization of manufacturing operations.

Collect digital data in real time, cut costs, save time and increase productivity.

Using advanced analytics and AI to power IoT solutions to the cloud.

Create programs from components without coding skills.

Your Smart Factory Competitive Edge


“The digital solutions provided by Atos are going to play a key role in creating a future-proof digital factory, where we can craft our drinks from fruit to bottle in a sustainable way.”

Andy Joynson, Site Director, Innocent Drinks

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Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio

Insight and Inspiration for your Smart Factory Jumpstart or trouble-shoot your Smart Factory initiatives in this complementary 90-minute virtual studio tailored to your needs.

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Innocent Drink’s Smart Factory program

“The digital solutions provided by Atos are going to play a key role in creating a future-proof digital factory, where we can craft our drinks from fruit to bottle in a sustainable way.”

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Focus on adjuvant technologies at GSK

Global healthcare company GSK is collaborating with digitalization expert Siemens and digital transformation leader ATOS to digitalize its vaccine development and production process. A key benefit will be much shorter development times for vaccines, allowing them to reach people faster and with the optimum quality. The digital twin plays a big role.

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Coca-Cola’s connected cooler’s

CIO of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling company shares their journey to smart, connected coolers through advanced analustics, AI and IoT.

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Why the Atos-Siemens Global Alliance


The Alliance between Atos and Siemens is shaping our ever more connected world, harnessing connectivity to advance intelligent industry and infrastructure. The combined strengths of a technology powerhouse and a leader in digital transformation are creating a smart, safe, and sustainable future for digital industry around the world.

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