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Resources to bring confidence & clarity to every project

Getting Started

Get the most from your investments of time and money with fresh ideas and innovation to address your challenges. Whether you have a simple question or need to gain deep understanding to bring your vision to life, Atos manufacturing experts can help.

Our resources ensure all of your projects begin with clarity and confidence. We rapidly identify practical solutions, technology enablers, and required IT infrastructure to drive measurable business value. Digital accelerators allow you to test and evaluate solutions providing operational and financial certainty to create a solid business roadmap. Contact us to find the expertise you need.

Well begun is half done.

– Aristotle

Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio


Insight and Inspiration for your Smart Factory Plan

Jumpstart or trouble-shoot your Smart Factory initiatives in this complementary* 90-minute virtual studio tailored to your needs.

More about Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio >

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Set your strategy and direction to leverage digital technologies

Define a clear strategy and direction to realize sustained business value from your digital transformation. Leverage Atos accelerators to rapidly launch digital initiatives. We’ll help identify practical solutions, technology enablers, and required IT infrastructure to drive measurable value for your business.

Atos delivers:

Real-world manufacturing experience and understanding of your business challenges

Collaborative approach, sharing practical insights and proven use cases to help identify the right way to leverage digital technologies for maximum business impact

World-class expertise defining digital strategies and building transformation roadmaps aligned with customer business needs

Suite of digital accelerators to to rapidly develop, test, and evaluate innovative solutions to business problems

Choose this service to gain:

Clear strategic direction and practical steps to apply digital technologies to address your key business challenges.

Engage stakeholders to frame business challenges, identify and prioritize projects and develop a roadmap, transition plan, and business case to justify the investment.

Digital accelerators and labs to generate and test ideas, experience new enabling technologies and launch pilots.

Map your transformation

Business Case

Ensure that you are confident in the value of your digital investments

Our end-to-end view of solutions, infrastructure, services and process objectives results in a comprehensive assessment of the costs and benefits of planned technology investments. This brings confidence that your digital investments have a clear financial justification.

Atos delivers:

An iterative, sprint-driven methodology that incluces options analysis ; cost-benefit modeling; hypothesis development; and exploration of digital solution options with a focus on process, people & technology.

Deep experience in digital transformation that enables us to identify high-value priorities and expected return on investment.

Atos helps organizations make informed investment decisions based on our significant experience in shaping and delivering digital transformation programs that meet business objectives.

Expertise providing guidance on how benefits will be realized, how they can be measured, and reliable benchmarks.

Choose this service to gain:

A robust business case to justify digital transformation investments.

Structured approach to identify relative value priorities, confidence levels and steps to realizing business value to inform implementation priorities.

Clarity about what you need, what’s achievable, what’s affordable, what’s viable, value for your money

Extract learnings from pilot projects to refine business case estimates.

Efficient tracking of value delivery and progress towards business goals.

Invest with confidence

Digital Enablement Blueprint

An end-to.end process to accelerate digitalization

The key to successful digitization is a comprehensive blueprint to get your business from vision to scale execution. Go-To-Market costs can be cut as much as by half with clear roadmapping to Industry 4.0.

Our proven end-to-end offerings includes technology selection, benchmarking, digital platform architecture design and build/run. Create an architectural blueprint for central platforms that accelerate digital transformation, or establish a platform architecture and organizational governance concept to support all digitalization use cases.

Atos delivers:

Expertise designing architectural blueprints for runtime, data mesh, fast data and hybrid cloud concepts like Fog and Edge

Avoid vendor lock-in with API abstractions and infrastructure-agnostic solutions like Kubernetes and Docker

Deep industry expertise and library of technical/organizational best practices

Global operations and support footprint, to “build once, deploy anywhere”

Choose this service to gain:

Modern design principles, emphasizing scalability, CI/CD/CO, open source, resilience and low entry point/investment.

Accelerated time-to-market by leveraging your existing architecture and ready-made concepts for design-build-run.

Vendor/technology agnostic approach, to avoid vendor lock-in.

Create your blueprint

IT Carve-Out / Merger Roadmap

Efficient divestment and integration of your IT landscapes

Significant changes to your corporate structure, such as a Carve-Out or Merger, require careful planning to ensure business success with smart cost management.

These changes can also bring other IT developments to a halt without the proper resources. With Atos IT Carve-Out/M&A Roadmap, you’ll have an informed, comprehensive plan to achieve your goals – and the resources to get the job done on time and on budget.

Atos delivers:

Expertise defining IT strategies, developing operating models and running a full range of IT services.

Ability to identify short and long-term measures to maximize value delivered.

Deep understanding of delivering cost synergies through standardization and service harmonization​ with a clear focus on the critical applications and services required for Day 1.

Ability to ensure business continuity and security while defining a long-term strategy and roadmap.

Choose this service to gain:

Maximum value of IT elements from company carve-outs and post-merger integrations.

Comprehensive baselining and design of ‘to be’ architectures for interim and future modes of operation.

Define the required IT strategy, operating model and processes.

Establish an effective governance model.

Build your roadmap


An accelerated process to identify solutions and gain commitment

Every business faces challenges that are too complex or critical to address without deep collaboration. In these cases, having a strong methodology is vital. Orchestrated 1- or 2-day sessions bring your team together to solve your greatest challenges.

Atos delivers:

Extensive digital transformation experience and strong partner network enables Atos to assemble a pool of expertise to help address your most complex business challenges

Facilitated, interactive, collaborative approach that builds commitment and consensus and helps break down internal silos

Enables you to rapidly move from problem statement to potential solutions within 1-2 days, avoiding extended periods of analysis

Accelerates your response key business problems

Choose this service to gain:

Accelerated 1-2-day event bringing together business stakeholders, Atos experts and selected third parties to address a key business challenge.

Highly interactive event with senior stakeholders, designed to rapidly develop ideas into potential solutions.

A collaborative and iterative process to build commitment and consensus on the most relevant and impactful solutions to be progressed into delivery.

Unite your strategy

AI Discovery Accelerator

Leverage the power of AI to deliver tangible business value

Artificial Intelligence is essential to modern manufacturing. Get AI working for you quickly and effectively. Work with our experienced team to design a pilot project and define your AI journey – in just 2 days. You’ll be reaping the rewards in record time!

Atos delivers:

Global AI Labs to provide a unique experience, allowing you to become immersed in the latest AI technologies.

Experienced data scientists to demonstrate AI in action, coupled with manufacturing experts to rapidly identify and evaluate new ideas.

Access to our comprehensive and growing use case library.

Proven ability to rapidly develop and test practical AI solutions to address real business problems.

Choose this service to gain:

A collaborative approach to showcase how the power of AI can be applied to your business problems and challenges.

A team of experts and technology partners focused on your business challenge, working with your data to explore ways to add business value.

A structured methodology to identify opportunities to test and evaluate AI potential in a pilot project.

Data science expertise, deep manufacturing knowledge, and access to the right tools and technology platforms.

Begin your AI journey

Industry 4.0 Discovery Workshop

Identify practical ways to realize value from Industry 4.0

Realize your business path to Industry 4.0 with a workshop exploring your vision and its practicalities. Delve into scoping, key principles and technologies, evaluation and prioritization of use cases. Then define a clear roadmap aligned to your objectives. Gain inspiration from our extensive use case library, rooted in real experience; and accelerate time-to-value for your I4.0/Smart Factory solutions.

Atos delivers:

Highly experienced practitioners with real-world manufacturing experience.

Comprehensive I.4.0 use case library based on practical experience designing and implementing digital solutions to drive enhanced connectivity, deliver increased productivity and a better employee experience.

Extensive partner network providing the latest technology innovations.

Choose this service to gain:

Practical, real-world examples of how I4.0 concepts can be applied and implemented to deliver improved performance and business value.

Structured process to identify and evaluate the applicability of a wide range of I.4.0 use cases.

Stakeholder engagement throughout the process to build commitment.

Identify key priorities for initial pilots, first high-level roadmap and indicative business case for implementation.

Plan a workshop

Digital Incubator

Accelerate development of new and innovative digital solutions

Innovation may start with a good idea, but exploration, design and refinement are the tools to realize the results. Accelerate the development of new and innovative digital solutions with our proven approach.

Atos delivers:

Full range of skills to maximize value – manufacturing industry knowledge, Agile development experts, UX designers and software developers.

Proven, accelerated approach to identify potential solutions and rapidly evolve and iterate a product design to address your business problem.

Highly collaborative approach to involve your stakeholders in the design process and instill business ownership.

Working prototypes that can be used immediately to start adding value.

Choose this service to gain:

An accelerated approach to design, develop and refine a working prototype solution to address a business problem.

Agile sprint approach to enable rapid co-creation and validation of business solution ideas.

Rapid prototyping to create interactive visual representations of solutions to enable user testing and feedback early in the process.

Tangible outcomes – a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) – through a series of agile development sprints in a very short timeframe.

Grow your ideas

Roadmap to Optimization
Atos OneCloud Plan: A 90-day Co-Design

Cut through the complexity with the Atos OneCloud Plan. In just 90 days, we’ll step you through a comprehensive process to a clarified vision and roadmap.

Accelerate the journey to your transformation goals.