IT Carve-Out/M&A Roadmap

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IT Carve-Out / Mergers / Integration Roadmap


Major changes to your corporate structure, such as a Carve-Out or Merger, require thoughtful planning to ensure business success with smart cost management. These changes can also bring other IT developments to a halt without the proper resources. With Atos IT Carve-Out/M&A Roadmap, you’ll have an informed, comprehensive plan to achieve your goals – and the resources to get the job done on time.

Let Atos help with your Carve-Out / M&A IT Project.

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What’s an IT Carve-Out / M&A Roadmap?

Infographic: Managing an IT Carve-Out

Trust Atos for Your Carve-Out Roadmap

  • Maximize the value of IT elements from company carve-outs and post-merger integrations.
  • Comprehensive baselining and design of ‘to be’ architectures for interim and future modes of operation.
  • Establish an effective governance model.
  • Reduced storage costs with complete transparency.
  • Explore options to augment your IT staff with outsourced services.
  • Expertise defining IT strategies, developing operating models and running a full range of IT services.
  • Ability to identify short and long-term measures to maximize value delivered.
  • Deep understanding of delivering cost synergies through standardization and service harmonization​ with a clear focus on the critical applications and services required for Day 1.
  • Ability to ensure business continuity and security while defining a long-term strategy and roadmap.

Sample Use Cases

Atos helped this global manufacturing giant set-up and manage 40 IT carve-out projects, delivering a clear strategy for the concept and implementation phases.

Atos was this aerospace leader’s trusted IT partner to manage IT separation of the client’s sensor and border security businesses.