Using High Performance Computing to fight COVID-19

Using High Performance Computing to fight COVID-19


With the massive outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 we find ourselves in uncharted territory. While today’s events are unprecedented, so too are the capabilities of advanced computing to help human beings combat the disease. Time is now of the essence as scientists continue their search for a cure.

High performance, edge and quantum computing, in combination with advanced analytics and big data technologies, all increase and accelerate humans’ abilities to understand the virus itself and the mechanism of the disease, and then develop a vaccine.

In this short 12-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How high-performance computing (HPC) accelerates scientific research
  • How Atos’ uniquely customized HPC configuration for genomics leads to better quality research while driving down costs
  • How Atos is driving innovation in healthcare, pharma and genomics research across the world
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Featured Presenter

Scott L. Hamilton
Scott L. Hamilton is an expert in High Performance Computing, High Throughput Computing, and Big Data Analytics. Scott has worked in the HPC field since its infancy. He was credited with building one of the earliest Beewolf compute clusters at the NASA IV&V facility in the fall of 1998. This sparked a passion for leading-edge computing research, and he went on to work in other areas of HPC research and support. In 2004 he assisted Dr. Eric Lamar in building one of the first GPU-based clusters in existence. Originally designed for Extremely High-Resolution data visualization, Scott converted LiDAR data extraction algorithms to the GPU and cut processing time from 5 days to 7 minutes and began researching technology that has become the modern CUDA programming language. Scott has completed several science and engineering research projects in his 20+ years of research support. He is passionate about the support and utilization of HPC systems and educating others in their use. He is a Christian pastor, father of five, enjoys the outdoors, and has authored two books.

You can connect with Scott on LinkedIn
You can find his books here and view his research here

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