Atos is fully committed to tackle climate change

Conscious of its responsibility and role to play, Atos initiated a pioneering and ambitious environmental program in 2008. Atos took actions to reduce its carbon emissions through measurement, reporting, optimization, offsetting and the use of decarbonized energy sources.

Thanks to its continuous progress and results, Atos is recognized in the IT sector as a global climate leader.

The company pursues its aims of contributing to a more sustainable society by promoting digital solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of many sectors.

Environmental challenges

Through continuous efforts, collaborative tools and innovative solutions, Atos constantly improves the environmental efficiency of its operations and reduces their energy and carbon intensities.

reduction in carbon absolute and
intensity emissions since 2008


is the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)
of our best in class datacenter at
Longbridge – United Kingdom

of Atos’ major sites are certified ISO 14001

of the electricity consumed by Atos’ strategic datacenters
comes from decarbonized sources


of the CO2 emissions produced
by Atos data centers are offset.


carbon neutral hosting services for our clients

Our ambition

In line with our leadership role in the digital transformation of businesses and as a leading provider of digital services, we support the transition to a low-carbon economy. We innovate and develop sustainable solutions that our clients can use to reduce their global environmental footprint and tackle climate change.



As an expanding company with a growing physical impact, Atos is working hard to continuously reduce its environmental footprint. The sharp rise in the energy efficiency of our datacenters, our increasing use of decarbonized electricity or our global offsetting program demonstrate the ongoing action plans and progress.

Our environmental program and climate leadership have been recognized year after year by  international organizations.

Atos receiving the CDP award (A grade ranking) for its climate performance, French Minister Ségolène Royal, and Olivier Cuny, General Secretary, Atos.

Atos member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

Atos is selected for the fifth consecutive year as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index  and ranked number 1 in the IT services sector with a Gold recognition for its corporate sustainability commitments and performance both globally (2016 DJSI World) and in Europe (2016 DJSI Europe).

environmental policy

Atos’ senior management approved a Global Environmental Policy which sets out the path for minimizing our environmental footprint. The policy applies to all divisions and all Global Business Units.


thierry breton atos commited

Atos adheres to the COP 21 resolutions  and is supporting the world effort to keep the global rise in temperature under 2°C in this century.  End of 2015, Atos has committed  to four new climate change initiatives :


Adopt a science based emissions reduction target

Atos has committed to adopt a science based emissions reduction target, supporting the world effort to limit the rise of climate change to 2°C.

Industry 4.0 exploration

Put a price on carbon

Atos has committed to put a price on carbon to advocate the importance of carbon in the performance managerment and to materially affect investment decisions to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

Unified communication

Responsible corporate engagement in climate policy

Atos has committed to engage more actively with stakeholders to contribute effectively to building a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.

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Report climate change information in its mainstream reports as a fiduciary duty

Atos has committed to publicly disclose climate change information in its mainstream reports.

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