Atos is fully committed to tackle climate change

“Atos is recognized as a global IT leader when it comes to the environment in all our operations, from our cutting-edge datacenters to the way we run our offices and manage our travel requirements, we are continually looking for new ways to reduce carbon emissions and minimize our environmental footprint”. 

Eric Grall, Head of Manufacturing and Chief Operating Officer.

As an expanding company with a growing physical impact, Atos is working hard to continuously reduce its environmental footprint. The sharp rise in the energy efficiency of its datacenters, its increasing use of decarbonized electricity and its global offsetting program demonstrate the ongoing action plans and progress. Its environmental program and climate leadership have been recognized year after year by international organizations such as the CDP, DJSI.

Rising to the climate change


The Atos environmental program addresses 4 challenges

Challenge 1: Reduce global emissions

  • Reduce gradually the carbon intensity of the Group’s activities
  • Offset 100% of the residual datacenters, offices and business travel CO2 emissions through a dedicated wind-farm program located in India & deliver fully compensated hosting services to its clients

Challenge 2: Shift to low carbon and renewable sources

  • Optimize energy consumption in its offices and datacenters
  • Tends to consume 100% of low-carbon and renewable energy in all its activities worldwide
  • Monitor its main office sites’ and strategic datacenters’ through the Environmental Management System / ISO 14001 certification.

Challenge 3: Favor new ways of working & travel

  • Favor new ways of working and develop remote working tools
  • Limit travel impact by encouraging eco-friendly transportation means
  • Minimize Atos fleet impact.

Challenge 4: Deliver sustainable solutions and technologies

  • Deliver solutions that are eco-designed and energy-efficient
  • Help its clients to address their own environmental challenges.

Climate change commitments


Atos is supporting the world effort to keep the global rise in temperature under 2°C in this century. Atos has committed to four climate change initiatives. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) formally approved Atos’ carbon emission targets.


Adopt a science based emissions reduction target

Atos has committed to adopt a science based emissions reduction target, supporting the world effort to limit the rise of climate change to 2°C. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved Atos’ targets here disclosed.

Industry 4.0 exploration

Put a price on carbon

Atos has committed to put a price on carbon to advocate the importance of carbon in the performance managerment and to materially affect investment decisions to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

Unified communication

Responsible corporate engagement in climate policy

Atos has committed to engage more actively with stakeholders to contribute effectively to building a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.

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Report climate change information in its mainstream reports as a fiduciary duty

Atos has committed to publicly disclose climate change information in its mainstream reports.

Want to learn more


  • Environmental Policy : Atos’ senior management approved a Global Environmental Policy which sets out the path for minimizing our environmental footprint. The policy applies to all divisions, support functions and all Global Business Units.
  • Position paper : Contributing to a more sustainable society by promoting digital solutions that reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Carbon offsetting factsheet : To offset its CO2 emissions of all its activities, Atos invests in an ongoing wind farms project located in India in partnership with EcoAct. 137 wind turbines generators have been installed so far allowing the electrification of approximately 40 000 households in rural areas.
  • 2018 reports : registration doc & integrated report.

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