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Solutions and services

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Services & Solutions :
Salesforce services

Accelerate business growth and value with next-gen apps and processes

Application Modernization Services

Modernize sales, marketing and services to deliver omnichannel experiences and innovation. Learn about our Salesforce services.

Advanced Engineering: Simulation and Testing

Accelerate innovation with advanced digital services & solutions for complex research & development needs

Accelerate engineering innovation through custom digital services and platforms for differentiating product development, simulation, and validation

IoT Ready-to-go

Accelerate IoT adoption

Internet of Things (IoT)

Reduce the time from data insight to business outcome with preconfigured and pre-integrated IoT solutions

Greenfield Build Accelerator

Accelerate plant construction with new digital tools


Build new power plants and equipment for less time and money Digital design efficiencies: Faster error detection during design Quality, safety and reliability: More accurate and consistent data reaching digital control systems 50-year longevity: Keep technologies current throughout plant lifetime 40% higher productivity: Optimized supply chain and PLM processes…


Accelerate progress toward net-zero through digital decarbonization

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Use digital solutions to measure, plan and act on your decarbonization strategy. It will transform your operations and improve citizen experiences and outcomes.

Next Generation OT/IT Infrastructure

Accelerate strategic ambitions with intelligent networks


Upgrade to secure critical infrastructure to exploit Industry 4.0

Industry Accelerators for SAP

Accelerate the adoption of key industry innovations with SAP solutions and services


Design and deliver pre-configured industry solutions, differentiating for customer market needs, to accelerate time-to-value

Logistics Operations Services

Accelerate the development and competitiveness of logistics operators

Transport & Logistics

Improve your operational efficiency with a complete set of solutions and services to harness the business benefits from real-time data and insight

Digital Green Advisory and Platforms

Accelerate your journey to digital net-zero


Explore, transform and accelerate understanding, measurement and reporting to make progress toward net-zero emissions for your digital estate

Net-zero services and solutions for manufacturing

Accelerate your transition to the sustainable economy

Reduce costs, increase quality and customer satisfaction, and create a more sustainable future by planning, implementing and measuring your progress toward net-zero.

Clinical Trials

Accelerating clinical trials and reducing costs with digital technologies

Pharma & Biotech

Upgrading patient and staff experiences by digitally increasing productivity and reducing costs while continuing to consider quality and trust.

Data Center Cloud Transformation

Accelerating enterprise modernization through data center transformation


Meet customer demand for better digital services by taking advantage of compelling events or financial imperatives, i.e., facility maintenance, leases, restructuring, Covid-19.

Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering Services

Achieve better experiences and business efficiency

Application Modernization Services

Quality and speed are key to digital transformation. Atos helps you streamline and automate quality engineering practices to innovate at scale.

Quality and Regulatory Services for Medical Devices

Achieve quality assurance and regulatory compliance for global markets and industry standards

Medical Devices

Atos is your total compliance partner for all QA and regulatory needs for global markets; helps you meet timelines and product registrations with greater efficiencies.

Now Platform (core)

Advance to enterprise-wide, next-generation digital workflows


Drive better business outcomes with ServiceNow. Meet customer expectations faster, deliver more sustainable services, and reduce manual workloads.

Atos Applications Services

Application Modernization Services

Why choose Atos for Application Services? Today’s rapidly changing regulatory, political and digital environment is transforming how organizations operate and perform. As they focus on speed, adaptation, innovation, quality and security, they need to ensure their business application landscape is flexible, agile and optimized. Atos application services enable clients to focus on their core businesses…

Smart Revenue Services

Better engage with customers and prosumers


Create sustainable revenue growth with services for smart mobility, apps, subscriptions, smart homes, and end-to-end process integration.

Digital Manufacturing

Boost capacity and quality while reducing costs and time to market

Pharma & Biotech

Innovative solutions using IoT, AI/ML and other technologies to enable Pharma 4.0 digital transformation in manufacturing and supply chain management.

Transport Passenger Experience

Boost customer intimacy and generate new revenue streams

Transport & Logistics

Provide a seamless passenger experience Clarity: Keep passengers informed, increasing satisfaction & loyalty Reliability: Reduce the impact of disruptions & financial penalties Business value: Generate business value via an integrated ecosystem Passenger welfare: Improve passenger safety and security Ensuring seamless passenger experience across multi-modal transport How do you…

Connected Territories

Boost economic development and citizen quality of life

Public Community Services & Education

Improve citizen services, optimize territorial management and strengthen innovation to attract new investment and new residents.

Intelligent Supply Chains

Boost supply visibility and reliability with integrated 4.0 logistics

Optimize logistics with precise time of arrival, route optimizations, transport visibility, and shop floor track & trace, fully integrated to enterprise resource planning

Cloud security

Bringing trust in the cloud


Trust & cloud: a winning combination for organizations No blind spots: 360° visibility of data and controls in place Comprehensive workspace transformation: Account control and secure mobile access to app services European technologies: Across identity & access management, PKI and encryption Certified and experienced teams: Domain expertise for effective cloud security strategy…

eID Platform

Build the trusted Citizen ID foundations for e-Government and private services

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Secure and simplify your strategy for digital public and private services to improve citizen trust and experience while reducing ID management costs.

Sustainable Manufacturing Cloud

Build your scalable and sustainable industrial infrastructure, from the cloud to the edge

Leverage a unique, industrial, cloud-forward program designed to help unleash business potential, from the cloud to the edge

Financial Services Platforms

Building hyper-agile best in class banking platforms

Business Transformation ServicesFinancial Services

Transformation of digital banking and payment platforms Cost optimization & control: Over 30% reduction in cost to serve of traditional banks Risk, Compliance and Security: Regulation compliancy and fraud prevention Modern Platforms and Processes: Hyper-agile, launch fast and future proof for Open Banking Customer Experience and Retention: Reduction…

Business Intelligence


Atos Business Intelligence Capabilities Atos’ AWS Data Lake Accelerator for SAP Atos has created a solution that accelerates the process of building a modern AWS Data Lake solution anchored by SAP data. This can be used for advanced analytics and reporting on SAP (SAP ECC, S/4HANA, BW) and non-SAP data to create business insights. The self-service


Comprehensive control and monitoring for media networks

Media & Entertainment

Different, better, faster: cut cost and improve quality Agility: Allocate and flex production resources remotely where needed Ease of use: Automatic modules for simple, trouble-free use Resilience and ease of use: Minimum training required Resilience by design: Meet the always-on requirements of the digital age Built by broadcast professionals

Sovereign Cloud

Create the sovereign public foundations for the digital era

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Build the open and fully trusted data-driven infrastructure that’s essential to a successful public digital transformation

Population Health Management

Deliver improvements in health and wellbeing through proactive care

Healthcare Payer

Population health management strategies covering precision medicine, coordinated care, and value-based payment improve outcomes by removing health inequities.

Asset Performance Management

Deliver increased value across the entire asset lifecycle management value chain

Optimize asset utilization and processes through the power of Digital Service Twins

Smart Operations & Maintenance

Delivering smart and safe operations and maintenance through digital


Increase asset lifetime and plant performance Reduce downtime: Provide early warning of future faults to increase asset reliability Optimize production: Use connected intelligence to improve energy efficiency, heat rate and load factor Ensure business continuity: Capitalize on knowledge transfer Security: Secure systems and critical infrastructures Reduce…

Data & Analytics

Derive value from data by building a modern data-driven enterprise

Analytics, AI & Automation

Adopt a modern data platform to derive full value from your data

Experience Design and Adoption

Designing a workplace that drives engagement

Digital Workplace

Drive overall business performance with improved employee engagement while reducing churn and improving sales.

Satellite Interference Detection

Detect, analyze and localize satellite interferences

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Rapidly restore signal quality affected by interference and anomalies. Safeguard the levels your customers have come to expect from you.

Digital Cloud Platform

Digitalization demands a safe landing zone


Welcome to your future infrastructure   Speed: 56% faster service delivery Output: 50% increase in developer productivity Costs: 20% lower OpEx: 100% predictable operational costs Get the best out of both clouds Digital cloud platforms give you the security of private cloud with the flexibility of public. And, when managed by…

Content Monetization

Digitization and migration of tape archives

Media & Entertainment

Improve the quality, longevity and accessibility of content while reducing costs Quality: Digitization ensures quality and preserves content for the future Speed: Enable fast access Consumer experience: Consumers benefit from simplified access to content Cost savings: Reduced costs for storage and production Migrating tape archives for a digital future Television archives…

Cognitive Solutions, AI & ML

Drive digital transformation leveraging AI and ML

Analytics, AI & Automation

Infuse AI into business processes to create a digital foundation for enterprise performance. Atos offers rich AI expertise and innovative Cognitive Solutions.

Employee Experience Accelerators

Empower employees for superior performance

Digital Workplace

Turn a daily grind into an engaging experience Inclusion: Accessible and assistive digital tools empower everyone Engagement: 70% of business leaders see employee engagement as critical to results Sales: Engaged teams sell 20% more Performance: Superior Employee Experience (EX) directly correlates to increased revenue Empowering employees, one desktop at a time Your…

Digital Workplace Platform

Empower employees while maintaining the highest levels of security

Digital Workplace

Set a new management style with a digital strategy for BYOD and mobility Experience-driven: Consistent user experience to deliver true business valuen Secure and easy: Frictionless and secure access to all your apps and data Risk-sharing: Clear, measurable KPIs in our eXperience-Level Agreements (XLAs) Availability:

Smart Operations and Networks

Empower sustainable water networks for future generations


Exploit sensing, communications and AI innovation to optimize operations and networks

Digital Workplace Security

Empower your employees to work securely


The required assurance for a trusted digital workplace No blind spots: 360° visibility of data and controls in place Comprehensive workspace transformation: Account control and secure mobile access to app services Identity and access management: Identity lifecycle management compatible with multi-platforms Data protection: Encryption and ownership of sensitive data Secure and…

360 Citizen Experience

Enable superior citizen-centric experience

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Orchestrate 360° citizen-centric services across all physical and digital touchpoints for seamless experience, agility, efficiency and trust.

Research & Education

Enabling new ways of learning, researching and working

Public Community Services & Education

Accelerate growth and build competitive and attractive learning institutions with collaborative research and education solutions and services.

Device Engineering

Engineering greater value for medical devices and diagnostics

Medical Devices

Strategic partner for medical device engineering needs around software, mechanical, electrical, quality, and biomedical engineering

High performance digital workplace

Enhance the employee experience with modern workplace solutions

Transform the daily work of manufacturing employees into an engaging experience with the latest intelligent workplace and collaboration services.

Grid Management

Ensure grid operations are reliable, safe, secure and flexible


Modernize and optimize utility operations for grid stability, reliability, safety and security.

Mission Critical & Vertical Solutions

Ensure resilient communication when every second counts

Communication & Collaboration Services

Monitor, support and alert individuals, organizations and entire communities. Ensure a resilient communication path when every second counts.

Intelligent Quality & Regulatory Services for Pharma & Biotech

Ensure your processes meet quality and regulatory requirements

Pharma & Biotech

Improved product and labeling quality and compliance while reducing costs and improving efficiency and time to market

Connected Products

Evaluate and implement new business models to improve customer experience, revenues and supply chain

Platform solutions and services to transform the product consumption and usage experience Increase revenue: 10% increase thanks to superior customer experience Improve efficiency: 0 CPG product stockouts Avoid outages: Monitor home appliances and field assets in real time Accelerate…

Connected Vehicles

Evaluate and implement new business models to improve customer experience, revenues and supply chain performance

Platform solutions and services that reimagine the mobility experience Lower cost: 10% reduction in fleet TCO Always on: 24/7 service availability Improved customer care: Software upgrades without dealer visits Time to market: 30% faster with a DevOps…

Drug Discovery & Pre-clinical Research

Faster molecule discovery and compliant pre-clinical studies in a digital environment

Pharma & Biotech

Helping pharma to transform their omics data into actionable insights. Drug Discovery & Pre-clinical Research for building error-free SEND-compliant data sets.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Faster, smarter, greener

HPC & Big data

Speed-up workload production, giving value to simulations Faster Unprecedented HPC performance Smarter Benefit from HPC-AI convergence Greener Power efficient architecture with leading PUE Future Ready Towards exascale and prepare for the quantum era High Performance Computing (HPC) HPC has been and will continue to play an instrumental role in driving progress in a wide range

Civil Servant Digital Workplace

Foster civil servant engagement while driving efficiencies

Public Community Services & Education

Turn the civil servant’s daily grind into an engaging experience with the latest intelligent workplace and collaboration services

Enterprise Cloud Communication

Foster rich and meaningful conversations

Unified Communications

Agile, data-driven, customer-centric communication Proven: +40m users worldwide, leveraging a rich, 170-year heritage Secure and supported: Reliable, secure and compliant platforms with 24/7/365 support Best in class: Leverage industry-leading as-a-service platforms Smooth: Transform at your pace to maximize investments Outcome-focused, agile, secure and compliant communication

Public Data Platforms

Fully connect central & local governments by building sovereign and secure data platforms

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Transforming central & local government processes and services   More efficient joined-up smart services: Better, more sustainable outcomes orchestrated from a single platform Better decision-making: Aggregated intelligence and dashboards to shape policy and services Private sector investment and innovation: With…

Next Generation Telecoms Network

Gain early competitive advantage with your next generation telecom network


Create your next generation network Agile and flexible network: Respond rapidly to changing business and market needs Cost efficiency: Lower network operating costs and increase returns on investment Uninterrupted performance: Low latency to deliver standout customer experience Secure and scalable: Ensure regulatory compliance and foster…

AI & Edge computing

Gaining the digital edge

Advanced Computing

Facing big data challenges AI Delivers powerful AI potential Analytics Real-time analytics streaming Trust 100% data security Efficiency Runs without the need for datacenter Edge computing Edge computing allows you to store, process and analyze data directly at the source without the need for a datacenter. This brings speed, agility and efficiency enabling: AI…

Integrated Communication and Collaboration

Harmonize and enhance communication platforms

Communication & Collaboration Services

Provide synergy across your organization Quality Ensure reliable and harmonized communications Agility Drive flexibility with dynamic technology Interoperability Leverage existing investments while adopting new technologies Trust Guaranteed security and compliance Harmonizing organizations communication for the future Whatever your Integrated Communication and Collaboration Services needs, our in-depth understanding of existing and emerging technologies…

Omni-channel customer experience for retail

Improve customer experience across all touchpoints


Omni-channel customer experience for retail

Digital Platforms for SAP

Improve customer experience through SAP


Smooth transition to S/4HANA on cloud Agility: 30% easier to migrate to the cloud Costs of ownership: Up to 20% lower TCO through right-sizing Capacity: Close to 15% savings on landscape capacity Track record: World’s largest SAP HANA migration: 219 SAP systems and 460 TB of data Move to the cloud

Digital Consumer Experience

Improve member experience to deliver true value-based care

Healthcare Payer

Atos’s Consumer Experience Platform Solution helps payers meet modern members needs by digitizing their consumer experience strategy.

Digital Infrastructure Services

Improve operational efficiency and transform healthcare delivery

Healthcare Provider

Digital solutions that improve operational efficiency, transforming healthcare delivery by connecting clinical staff to real-time patient data to improve outcomes

Data Insights & Analytics

Improving competitive advantage or solving complex problems? Gain advantage with data-driven insights

Digital Transformation Consulting

Create value with data-driven insights from Atos services and solutions that get the right data to the right people at the right time.

Virtual Care and Remote Monitoring

Improving patient care and ongoing engagement

Healthcare Provider

Driving improved patient experiences through trust development, real-time data analysis, increased patient engagement and overall lower cost of care.

Precision Medicine

Journey towards predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory care

Healthcare Provider

Turning big data into clinical insights to understand and prevent disease, using social determinants of health and diagnostic / genomic data to deliver personalized care

NG911 / NG112

Keeping citizens safe in any event

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Take the right decisions, faster, together – under any circumstance. Coordination: Inter-agency collaboration and interoperability Responsiveness: Informed decision-making in real time Resilience: Always flex and scale – even in major crises Easy of use: Help is just one call away Making cities safer with coordinated emergency response services In every situation,…

Data Processing

Make the most of Earth observation data

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Make use of space data to enhance your activities, focusing on your value-add and the issue you need to solve

Proactive Employee Experience

Measuring and improving end-user experience

Digital Workplace

Understand, manage, and improve the employee experience through a data-driven approach

Business Transformation with SAP

Modernize with SAP digital platforms


S/4HANA® transformation and business integration Reduce operating costs: Deploy new business models, improve mergers and acquisitions and reinvent your business Improve customer-centricity: User-friendly digital experience for customers, employees and partners Digital business strategy: Plot a clear and efficient roadmap for digital transformation Accelerate implementation: Ready-to-run business solutions combining 200

Process Excellence

Operationalize digital strategies

Digital Transformation Consulting

Make your strategies a reality by ensuring your processes are optimized to deliver the full business potential of digital transformation.

Personalized Customer Experience

Optimize customer experiences at every stage of the journey

Leverage insights to orchestrate 360° customer-centric services across physical and digital touchpoints for seamless experiences, improving efficiency and trust.

Smart Mobility Services

Optimize mobility and parking in your city

Public Community Services & Education

Optimize and develop multimodal and public mobility across territories. Drive decarbonization and improve the quality of life.

Digital Hospital Services

Optimize provider workflow and facility management to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs

Healthcare Provider

Identification and orchestration of data sources through best practices and machine learning analytics

Technology, Strategy & Innovation

Optimize your IT business, operating and architecture models

Digital Transformation Consulting

Optimize IT for excellent user experience, BizDevSecOps, AI/ML integration, advanced digital enterprise architectures and more.

Border Management

Protect borders from multiple threats while controlling and managing goods and traveler flows

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Manage people and goods moving across your borders while anticipating and detecting major threats at your regulated and unregulated borders.


Protect critical services and infrastructure with end-to-end digital security

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Secure your digital transformation to unlock its full potential. Protect your citizen services and your critical infrastructure.

Manufacturing Digital Security

Protecting digital operations in the industry 4.0

Prevent attacks, detect weaknesses and respond in real-time to any cyber threat. Protecting at the same level your information assets, your people’s ID and your systems’ integrity.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Digital Product Twin

Provide consistent, enterprise-wide, product lifecycle management

Accelerate innovation with closed-loop, industry-aligned PLM solutions that combine strategy, design, implementation and operation

Public Data Platforms

Public sector building sovereign and secure data platforms

Public Administrations & Central Governments

Transforming central & local government processes and services   More efficient joined-up smart services: Better, more sustainable outcomes orchestrated from a single platform Better decision-making: Aggregated intelligence and dashboards to shape policy and services Private sector investment and innovation: With more collaboration and value through an economy of…

Cloud-based Communication

Put operational reliability and efficiency at the center of communication

Communication & Collaboration Services

Leverage private cloud communication benefits aligned to resilience, compliance and security needs, all while supporting sustainability ambitions.

Data Monetization

Put your data on the fast-track to value


Leverage next-gen data lakes to transform data into valuable business insights to accelerate network operations and enable hyper-personalized customer engagement.

Organizational Change Management

Putting your people at the heart of the change

Digital Transformation Consulting

Organizational change management supports business, IT and beyond on the people side of the change.

BPM, Low Code, API & Integration

Rapid enrichment of digital events and omnichannel experiences

Application Modernization Services

Choreograph omnichannel experiences and complex events efficiently with speed. Crush complexity, hyperautomate work and reduce costs while making better decisions.

Intelligent Care Center

Real-time intelligent care

Digital Workplace

Free your employees to focus on the bottom line Increase productivity: Effective self-help and more intuitive contact channels Delight the user: CSAT measurement and follow-up improve UX Omnichannel: Multichannel integrated support fits user needs and preferences End to end: User journey analytics reduce tickets and refine service quality Real-time intelligent care A new

Digital soldier and tactical communications

Real-time situational awareness for combatants

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Transform soldier experience for battlefield advantage Enhanced situational awareness: Data-oriented intelligence Tactical communications: Multi-network field exchange Resilience and ease of use: Minimum training required Agility and cost-efficiency: Software-defined for flexibility Enhancing soldier communications capabilities on the field Atos’s digital soldier system improves communication and combat capability by giving

Redefining speed and efficiency with Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

Application Modernization Services for Low-Code/No-Code Platforms Redefining speed and efficiency in Application Development In today’s world, the fastest route to modernize legacy, digitalize workspace and automate operations is through Low-code and No-code platforms. Atos Low-code/No-code portfolio’s unique approach,

CX & BSS Transformation

Redesign telco customer journeys and user experiences


Create the optimal customer experience Customer journey: 20% higher Net Promotor Score from consistent omnichannel experiences Competitive edge: 10% more market share based on telco gross sales Cost reduction: 45% lower IT expenses for customer engagement and BSS Digital by design: S6-month longer customer lifetime and 5% less churn…

Clinical & Business Services Support

Redesigning business processes, implementing best practices and increasing ROI

Healthcare Provider

Healthcare focused consulting and application management services that support our client’s critical financial and operational needs.

Post Market Surveillance

Reduce risk and boost efficiency with automated PMS and vigilance solutions

Medical Devices

Transform your complaints handling, PMS and vigilance operations while driving operational excellence and regulatory compliance for global markets

Postal and Logistics Sorting Operations

Reduce sortation costs and increase agility for a rapidly changing eCommerce world

Transport & Logistics

Our digital solutions and platforms increase efficiency in postal sorting operations with powerful automation and data-capture tools.

Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Reinvent business using intelligent automation

Analytics, AI & Automation

Take a bot-first approach to digital challenges by automating BizOps, ITOps or specific processes. From roadmaps to continuous improvement via intelligent automation.

Industry-proven communication platforms you can trust

Resilient solutions for reliable, secure communication

Unified Communications

Increase productivity, offer better customer services, be more secure and save on communication costs

Insurance Business Digitization

Retaining intelligent operations whilst driving customer excellence

Life Insurance & Pensions Transformation

Transforming insurance operating models Cost optimization: Reduce operating costs by 30% Smarter operations: 15% release of back office capacity leading to better service and increase in NPS Linking of objectives: Alignment of outsourcing services to business KPI objectives Retaining intelligent operations whilst driving customer excellence Our Business Transformation Services…

Life Insurance and Pensions Transformation

Safeguarding your business models for growth

Financial ServicesLife Insurance & Pensions Transformation

Smarter operations and faster customer handling Cost optimization: Reduce operating costs by 30% Customer experience excellence: Reduced average call handling time in contact centres by 50% Claims Management: Reduction from 58 minutes to five seconds Handling time: 40% time saved in managing customer requests Vast market expertise to help you invent…

Smart Factory @ Scale

Scale smart factory initiatives to boost business agility and performance

Increase manufacturing agility, efficiency, flexibility and resilience with a tailored and scalable smart factory digital platform & solution center.

Defense Data Platforms

Seamless and insightful data flow for digital mission advantage

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Exploit the power of data to increase capabilities and improve response times across a fully integrated command chain, from sensors to effectors

IoT Foundation

Securely deploy and manage IoT business solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

Foundational products and services to securely deploy and manage IoT business solutions at scale, covering devices, edge, connectivity, platforms and security.

Accelerating the energy transition to low carbon

Shaping the new energy world


Making Renewable Energy more affordable Monitoring large installed bases of IoT devices: Optimized operation through 1 platform for 50,000 assets (windmills, solar panels…) Increasing data quality: Decreasing by -4% false positive in digital twin Minimize disruption: 10% reduction in operating costs thanks to 20% faster response times Extend asset life: 50% less…

Collaborative Combat

Share real-time combat information on the battlefield

Defense, Space & Homeland Security

Optimize joint operations with comprehensive and intelligent collaboration

Maintenance & Support

Simplify IT maintenance and support, driving efficiencies

Technology Services

Simplify the maintenance and support of your diverse IT landscape. Optimize costs, reduce complexity and ensure uptime.

Professional Services

Skills and expertise for your digital projects when you need them

Technology Services

Amplify results or reduce project risks with Atos digital experts, available on-site or remotely regardless of phase (design, build, run) or method (agile, waterfall)

Oracle SaaS & Packaged Software

Streamline processes and accelerate ROI through Enterprise Resource Planning transformation

Application Modernization Services

Transform your ERP applications for more effective processes with cloud readiness analysis, transformation planning and accelerated implementation.

Technology Services Value Added Resell

Supplement our partners’ products with Atos services for optimal solutions

Technology Services

Create best-of-breed solutions rapidly. Visit our ‘one-stop shop’ to combine products from our extensive partner ecosystem with services from Atos experts.

Transport Infrastructure Operations

Support intelligence and security of transport infrastructure

Transport & Logistics

Boost operating excellence while increasing safety and security in transport infrastructure for roads, rail, stations, airports and harbors.

Microsoft Platform Services

Support Microsoft platforms with scalable, sustainable service models for enterprise performance


End-to-end services for Intelligent Cloud, Productivity Cloud and business processes for key platforms like Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Teams.

Digital Oilfield

Supporting Oil & Gas companies’ transition and transformation journey while increasing efficiency


Supporting Oil & Gas companies in their transition and transformation journey while also increasing efficiency

Retail Supply and Delivery Chain Management

Sustainably increase transparency and efficiency in the supply and delivery chains


Increased visibility and reliability in your supply and delivery chains Customer experience: Cultivate brand loyalty and profitability Reliability: 25% more on-time, in-full deliveries Cost control: 30% less inventory to free-up working capital Risk management: 40% fewer delivery disruptions Retail Supply and Delivery

Business Advisory

Tackle climate challenges to deliver differentiation for your business


Gain reputational and competitive advantage through tackling climate change Respond to investors: Improve evaluation and reporting of climate related risks. CDP A-listers outperform peers on the stock markets by 5.5% annually Improve efficiency: Identify opportunities to innovate and drive carbon and cost efficiencies Future-proof: Build

Carbon Offsetting

Tackle climate challenges to deliver valuable change


Reach net-zero now Show your commitment: Support meaningful carbon reduction or sequestration projects around the world Add value, not risk: Follow our zero-risk carbon offset strategies refined by 15 years’ experience Take responsibility: Offset your carbon emissions while you work to reduce them Trust our experience: EcoAct has offset

Mission-Critical Communication Solutions

Take command with resilient, powerful communication control

Unified Communications

Know you can always connect, when it really counts Resilience: Carrier-grade, secure, compliant communication infrastructure at scale A native multi-channel platform: For all communication types including voice, data, text, video, radio End-to-end care: 24/7/365 remote monitoring and response Trust: Proven service and solution outcomes in

Process Automation

Taking the robot out of the human

Digital Transformation Consulting

Free up time to provide better service Quality: Eliminate data handling errors Speed: Operate typically 5x faster Costs: what currency £? Trust: 100% controlled and traceable compliance Implementing and managing robotic process automation Atos can help you design, build and run your automation capability.  We offer experts who can…

Cloud Application Transformation

The cloud revolution: Shifting to digital business for increased innovation


Modernizing and building cloud native applications for the enterprise   Speed of delivery: 90% faster provisioning

Digital Contact Center Solutions

Transform customer and user experience

Communication & Collaboration Services

Improve integration and adopt omnichannel working to enhance your customer and staff experience and support an ever-changing diverse landscape

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Transform essential processes and stay compliant

Financial ServicesInsurance

Find new ways to manage risk and compliance effectively at an acceptable cost as regulations continue to change

Media Vertical Solutions

Transform media operations across the broadcast chain

Media & Entertainment

Transform media operations across the broadcast chain with Atos decades of experience and innovative solutions.

Media Workflow Management

Transform media processes with media workflow automation

Media & Entertainment

Apply next-generation automation to your media workflows, from content supply chain to media process management

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Transform medical device manufacturing and supply with Intelligent and innovative solutions

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing, labeling, packaging and supply chain optimization, meeting all required standards.

OSS & MANO Transformation

Transform Operating Support Systems ready for open digital architecture (ODA)


Adopt the ecosystem of tools and processes required for implementing, deploying and activating digital telecom and IT services

Interoperable Clinical Platforms

Transform patient experience while driving efficiencies

Healthcare Provider

Developing ongoing positive patient experiences partnered with staff engagement and efficiency by innovating at speed to digitalize workflows.

Retail in-store digitalization

Transform retail experiences with next-generation innovation


Platforms and marketplaces enable retailers to analyze and leverage customer data for new services and streamlined processes, and to improve operational excellence and customer service.

Interoperable Payer Platforms

Transform the member experience while driving efficiencies

Healthcare Payer

Atos delivers interoperable data-driven platforms to Payer organizations, providing collaboration tools and 360-degree decision making for patient well-being.

Media production excellence

Transform to a cloud-centric and automated mode of operation

Media & Entertainment

Leverage automation, end-to-end management, right-shoring and cloud-centricity to transform your media operations

Telco production excellence

Transform to a cloud-centric and automated mode of operation


Leverage automation, end-to-end management, right-shoring and cloud-centricity to transform your telco operations

Banking transformation

Transforming operating models and driving customer experience excellence

Financial Services

Transforming banking operations and customer experience   Costs optimized: 30% reduction in cost to serve, releasing cash for investment Modernized platforms and processes: Driving superior market agility Customer experience (CX) and retention: Increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and acquisition by over 25% Risk, Compliance and Security: Focus on compliance,…

Communication Provider Orchestration

Upgrade customer and user experiences while improving flexibility, scalability and reliability

Communication & Collaboration Services

Move collaboration to the cloud to enhance customer and user experiences while improving flexibility, scalability and reliability

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