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Today’s increase in terms of quantity and complexity of data leads to an exponential need of computing power. Atos next-gen hybrid supercomputing platform BullSequana XH3000 delivers unprecedented computing power at any scale, up to an exascale-class system. With its open and standardized architecture, coupled with AI-empowered smart software suites, Atos BullSequana XH3000 is ready for accelerated hybrid computing and enables customers to tackle the most pressing challenges in the 21st century.

BullSequana XH3000

We are never at rest.
Our curiosity pushes us out.
Constantly questioning,
We explore and wonder at phenomena
as rational as they are magical.
Because there is always an explanation.
When we shape our questions,
We open new doors.
When we explore our ideas
we decode new paths…
Our joint discovery is illuminating,
The perspective, that is the feat.

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Reveal BullSequana XH3000

BullSequana XH3000

Embracing Exascale

Exascale Journey

High Tech and Decarbonization

Pioneering the future digital technologies

Any scale & Exascale

All-in-one rack design & seamless scalability

Industry-leading density

Maximized node performance & optimized footprint

Unrivaled efficiency

The 4th Gen Direct Liquid Cooling & AI augmented software

Security by design

Hardware-anchored security boot a threat anticipation

Unprecedented flexibility

Standardized slots & Open Sequana embracing 3rd party innovations

The accelerated hybrid HPC platform

Combining cutting-edge processing technologies, Atos 4th generation (DLC) Direct Liquid Cooling technology, and an architecture that is flexible, dense and secured by design, BullSequana XH3000, delivers both unprecedent performance and unrivaled efficiency.

With Open Sequana program, Atos allows for 3rd party technology ecosystem participation and delivers to customers a future-proof platform ready for quantum accelerators. The future of Exascale supercomputing is Hybrid!

BullSequana XH3000 brochure

What do our customers say

Florence Rabier
Director General, ECMWF

Alison Kennedy
Director, Hartree Centre

What do the industry analysts say

“Today’s high-performance applications have expanded to include analytics and artificial intelligence, fueling new types of data-driven discovery. The next generation of supercomputing has to scale multidimensionally to incorporate these new types of workloads. With hybrid computing capabilities and low carbon footprint, the Atos Bullsequana XH3000 is designed to meet these challenges, across a broad range of commercial engineering and analytics, up to Exascale and beyond.”

Addison Snell
CEO, Intersect360 Research

High-performance computing has made enormous contributions to science, engineering and the quality of human life and is a cornerstone of innovation and scientific progress“ said Earl Joseph, CEO at Hyperion. “As the leading European HPC vendor, Atos is well positioned to continue advancing research and innovation with its new supercomputer, and to bring Exascale class systems to its customers. With its new BullSequana XH3000 supercomputer, hybrid computing ecosystem integrating AI and quantum, and its strong roadmap for Exascale, Atos demonstrates a clear, comprehensive vision of the future of scientific simulation, while taking into account the importance of decarbonization.”

Earl Joseph
CEO, Hyperion Research

What do our partners say

Andy Grant

VP Global Sales, HPC, AI and Quantum, Atos



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Julien Camiade

Head of Hardware Portfolio & Solutions, HPC, AI and Quantum

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BullSequana XH2000

With BullSequana XH2000, Atos brings to the market a no compromise, highly flexible, Exascale-ready, and lowest TCO on the market, a Hybrid Computing solution for today’s and tomorrow’s real-life problem-solving.
Thanks to the flexibility and energy efficiency of the BullSequana XH2000, our customers can control their energy consumption and reduce costs while benefitting from processors with the very highest power requirements.
Organizations of all sizes can manage peak computing demand using private or public cloud solutions while consuming less energy, enjoying higher elasticity, and benefiting from new opportunities for scale, all for a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Download BullSequana XH2000 brochure

The BullSequana XH2000 flexible packaging

BullSequana XH2000’s self-contained and modular architecture makes it scalable and open to future technologies.

  • Energy efficient
  • Application efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Modular and scalable
  • A futureproof solution
Download BullSequana XH2000 features

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BullSequana X800: at the confluence of HPC and Big Data

Featuring an architecture that supports an impressive number of processing cores and an exceptional memory capacity, the BullSequana X800 servers are engineered for high performance and in-memory computing. They are ideally suited to support massive in-memory databases, pre-processing, post-processing, and visualization. They are among the most scalable and modular ultra-high memory servers on the market, starting with 2 CPUs and 24 memory DIMMs, and going up to 32 CPUs with 384 memory DIMMs in 16 interconnected boxes – with a linear performance scaling.

More information on this product

A powerful and modular range

The BullSequana X800 series consists of five complementary models, assembling 1 to 16 2-socket compute boxes thanks to two types of interconnects:

  • A glueless interconnect is used for 1, 2 or 4 compute boxes, allowing to form a glue-less configuration with up to 8 sockets.
  • For larger configurations, a UNC (UPI Node Controller) stacks 8 to 16 boxes.

This distinctive Atos technology makes it possible to form 16- or 32-socket servers.

A Connecting Box assembles compute boxes with no apparent cabling, and makes it possible to easily add compute and memory resources. This helps adjust memory and compute resources to application needs, and facilitates the scaling of Big Data applications. For more agility in configuring, BullSequana X800 servers feature hot plug I/O blades, disks, fans and PSUs.

Key innovative components

Each compute box is a 2U 2-socket rack server and contains:

  • up to 24 memory DIMMs, i.e. a total of up to 3 TB per compute module when using 128GB DIMMs – and ready for higher capacities with future memory technology;
  • hot plug I/O blades that offer up to 5x PCIe Gen3 slots, with capability for a disk controller in charge of the front-end disks;
  • a number of options to customize the system to match application requirements: internal disks, NVMe drives or GPUs.

The performance of leading-edge Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

The BullSequana X800 embarks Intel® Xeon® processors Scalable family, with a large choice of models for the best fit with your applications in terms of:

  • frequency,
  • number of cores, or
  • power consumption.

Designed for operational efficiency and maintainability

The BullSequana X800 focuses on serviceability and operational efficiency. It has all required features for reliability, availability and quality of service:

  • redundancy of critical components;
  • hot-pluggable critical components – the innovative blade form-factor of I/O modules enables hot-plugging;
  • patented mechanics for easy replacement of components: the disks, fans and PSUs can be extracted without rack decabling and without stopping running applications;
  • server partitioning;
  • internal regulation and alert systems;
  • dedicated maintenance processor;
  • power-conscious design: with the Gen2 Active/Passive Power supply, energy consumption is reduced by 40%.

Press release

BullSequana X400 series

Truly designed for any HPC workload

The BullSequana X400 series is a comprehensive family of rack-mounted servers designed for High Performance Computing and offering an optimum balance between density, efficiency, and cost.

Awards cup

Cutting-edge technologies in a modular solution

By integrating the latest industry leading CPU/GPU architecture (Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, AMD EPYC™ processors, Nvidia® A100 GPU) in modular servers, Atos’ BullSequana X400 series is the perfect compromise between high performance and versatility within a HPC cluster.

With a broad range of nodes (compute, service, GPU accelerator and graphic) BullSequana X400 series allows you to address any workloads and to scale as you grow. Flexible interconnect solutions (InfiniBand EDR, HDR, High Speed Ethernet) and modular software solutions can handle the most demanding HPC system, data visualization and rendering workloads.

NG9-1-1 ESInet Security

Protect your investment

Fast Start program & CoE in Advanced Computing

When choosing Atos, a dedicated HPC player, you choose the long-standing expertise of a trusted partner.

We give you the keys to execute your workloads efficiently the quickest possible way. From day one, you benefit from the highly professional services capability, thanks to Fast Start program with Atos experts. Moreover, Atos Center of Excellence in Advanced Computing collaborates with you to release the maximum potential of your system. On-time security fixes delivery, high quality maintenance and long-time support under SLA to ensure maximum uptime, will secure your investment during the whole lifecycle of your system.

Optimize your TCO

BullSequana X400 family is designed to be cost-effective without leaving performances out.

Top efficient air-cooling system supporting highest TDP per node in ultra-dense rackmounted server delivers a tailored flexible HPC solution to market. It is the optimum balance between density, performance and cost.

A broad range of cutting-edge servers

AMD EPYC™ processors

BullSequana X440 A5 2U4N1S – 2U4N2S

Compute node

Ultra-dense server

Integrate 4 dual or single socket nodes within a 2U standard rack chassis

Delivered with latest generation AMD EPYC™ series processors and fastest Mellanox InfiniBand or Ethernet network adapters

Offer even more performance with efficient air cooling

Ideal modular compute nodes server within a HPC cluster

BullSequana X430 A5 2U1N1S – 2U1N2S

Service node

Advanced connectivity features and extended storage options

Efficient service node with high flexibility in 2U form factor, available in single and dual socket

Wide high-speed connectivity range (InfiniBand, Ethernet and fiber channels) thanks to its numerous PCIe Gen4 expansion slots available

Large set of storage capability (HDD, SSD, NVMe, M.2)

BullSequana X410 A5 2U1N1S 4GPU – 2U1N2S 8GPU

GPU Accelerated node

Performance and power efficiency

Able to integrate up to eight GPU (Nvidia® V100s, A100 or AMD® Radeon Instinct) within 2U, interconnected via PCI direct connect

Feature single or dual AMD EPYC™ series processor

Ideal for HPC applications such as real time analytics, programs in scientific simulation visualization…

BullSequana X450 A5 2U1N2S 3GPU

Graphics node

Committed to versatility with high performance

Flexible dual socket server

Optimum balance between connectivity, storage and GPU support

Optimized to support up to three GPUs and the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® V100s, A100, Quadro RTX or Radeon Instinct

Handle most demanding data visualization and rendering workloads

BullSequana X410 A5 2U1N2S 4GPU SXM

Most Advanced GPUs with support of NVIDIA HGX A100 4-GPU in a 2U air cooled form factor.

Ideal for the Convergence of Simulation, Data Analytics, and AI to accelerate scientific progress.

Allows most complex HPC problems to be solved without being limited by compute capability.

GPU processors

GPU Accelerated compute node

BullSequana X410 A5 2U1N1S 4GPU – 2U1N2S 8GPU

Performance and power efficiency

A complete and ultra dense GPU-based solution

Able to integrate up to eight GPU (Nvidia® V100s, A100 or AMD® Radeon Instinct) within 2U, interconnected via PCI direct connect

Feature two AMD EPYC™ series processors

Ideal for HPC applications such as real time analytics, programs in scientific simulation visualization…

BullSequana X410 A5 2U1N2S 4GPU SXM

Most Advanced GPUs with support of NVIDIA HGX A100 4-GPU in a 2U air cooled form factor.

Ideal for the Convergence of Simulation, Data Analytics, and AI to accelerate scientific progress.

Allows most complex HPC problems to be solved without being limited by compute capability.

Graphics node

BullSequana X450 A5 2U1N2S 3GPU

Committed to versatility with high performance

Flexible dual socket server

Optimum balance between connectivity, storage and GPU support

Optimized to support up to three GPUs and the latest Nvidia® Tesla™ V100s, Quadro RTX graphic cards

Can handle the most demanding HPC, data visualization and rendering workloads

HPC Software Suites – introduce a new approach to eXtreme computing software solutions.
They are scalable, open, and robust software suites that meet the requirements of the most challenging high-performance computing (HPC) environments, with high security standards.

Suited for small to Exascale configurations

HPC Software Suites are the result of Atos’ long experience in deploying large-scale supercomputers, combined with the continued efforts in Research & Development.

HPC software suites are designed to address every HPC need, whether it is for a small system with just a few cores or for supercomputers with tens of thousands of cores. They are also designed to reach performance targets of the most powerful Top500 systems. The main goal is to provide a global high performance supercomputing environment that includes:

  • The Smart Management Center: install, configurate, and operate HPC clusters at all scales
  • The Smart Software Suites (optional) to understand, control and optimize energy, data, and performances
  • The adds-on AI capabilities: transverse applications and broader business applications leveraging AI to manage data assimilation and security challenges

HPC Software Suites are a further step towards Exascale computing and decarbonization.

The software suites for your supercomputer and your applications

This modular software solution that manages supercomputer environments, including data and applications is based on an enterprise-class Linux distribution: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8.
It provides a robust, scalable, and flexible solution that adapts easily to any customer needs.

All critical services are configured to ensure high availability.
All software suites are based on best-of-breed open-source and ISV software.
The selected open- source components are enhanced by Atos’ added-value features.
ISV components can be added or can fully replace default components, depending on user needs.
REST APIs are available in all those software suites for seamless integration in any existing customer environment.

By design, the modular software approach is allowing any ISV, open-source, or home-grown software and tools to run seamlessly.

Atos services to take full advantage of supercomputer suites

As a leading provider of end-to-end Extreme Computing solutions, Atos provides consultancy services to help its customers take full advantage of the benefits of those software suites throughout their projects: design, deployment, and operations.
Customers can benefit from Atos’ highly professional worldwide support offer that includes traditional maintenance and upgrade services as well as dedicated, customized, and proactive services.

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