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The Atos Expert Community is our driving force for technical collaboration, ideation, innovative research and development.  Our experts help to steer our business strategy; building our technology roadmap by anticipating the products and services that will be needed by the market.

Our community has over 2,000 members across the globe, specialising in a diverse range of subjects from infrastructure to quantum to digital workplace and everything in-between. We understand that our experts need the freedom and support from the business to continue to learn, discuss and experiment. To make the most of their expert knowledge and to share it with us and our clients.

“Expertise is a key driver of success, performance and differentiation in our market. By providing our experts with a supportive and stimulating environment, we encourage innovation, improve R&D capabilities, and spread expertise-related know-how”. 

Explains Sophie Proust Group Chief Technology Officer, Atos.

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Data Center Automation.
By Ricky El Qasem

Whether it’s the movement of virtual machines or the automatic backup of your data something is being automated in your datacentre. How can you enhance or add to the transparent automation that is going on behind the scene?


Academic Paper

Reuse method for quantum circuit synthesis.
By Cyril Allouche, Marc Baboulin, Timothée Goubault de Brugière, Benoît Valiron

International Conference: Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science (AMMCS 2017), Aug 2017, Waterloo, Canada. Proceedings of AMMCS 2017, 2018.

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The Importance of Industry Collaboration in Open Standards.
By Andrew Hutton

Creating Open Standards is vital to ensure the customer or end user has control over their service and technologies, to ensure an active marketplace and to allow for healthy competition.

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