Atos Technology Days 2021

Digital platforms and data economy

7 – 8 July 2021

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The Data Economy is coming!

Leaders exploring Digital Platforms will be able to federate supply and demand ecosystems enabling the sharing and monetization of data, in turn allowing them to enable the Data Economy. By putting trust and data equity at the heart of Data Platforms, leaders will be able to create sovereign value across all industries. Leaders who don’t invest risk missing out to players willing to maximize their investments in data.

According to a McKinsey report, in August 2020, the Data Economy could increase from about 1 to 2 percent today to approximately 30 percent by 2025 in total economy share.

In this 6th annual Atos Technology Days event, we’ll be presenting our digital platform ecosystem strategy to help you achieve both scale and customer intimacy in your respective emerging digital ecosystems. Save the date now to hear how Atos will enable you to accelerate the Data Economy with Digital Platforms. Digital platform ecosystems establish an environment of multi-sided markets that either deliver or consume data, built on standardization and interoperability, for trusted networks of suppliers, partners and customers to co-operate and monetize data-driven interactions. Digital Platform participants may include both partners and competitors – with each party having to be treated fairly, as enterprises legitimately require contractual guarantees as to how their data will be used, protected, and monetized.

A perspective of “Data equity” is shaping up, where members of data ecosystems establish shareholding interests in the collective value of otherwise disparate datasets. Such interests must be represented in an equitable and trustworthy manner to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This will notably be facilitated through initiatives such as GAIA-X and International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). Platforms are an enabler for growth and for creating agility and resilience within extended supply chains.

Atos’ ambition is to be the neutral and secure enterprise data platform operator. Join us as we discuss and explore this future!


Day 1
Start*End*Session Title
14:0014:20CEO Keynote
14:2014:50The roadmap to the data economy – thought leaders panel
14:5015:10From edge to cloud: the infrastructure landscape challenge
15:1015:20Dell Technologies – Partner Session
15:2015:40Rethink your approach to data: learn from great real-world experiences
15:4015:50SAP – Partner Session
15:5016:10Moving From Data Challenges to Net Zero
16:1016:40IT Challenge Awards Ceremony
Day 2
Start*End*Session Title
14:0014:20The data ecosystem imperative – technology and beyond
14:2014:40Address the challenges of zero-touch services build-up and deployment
14:4015:00Strategize your AI journey for any industry now!
15:0015:20Dealing with complex infrastructure? It’s time to bring intelligence at the edge
15:2015:40Safeguarding data equity
15:4016:00Be prepared: quantum computing is coming to your business !
16:0016:30Joseph Fourier Prize

*(CEST Time zone)

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