Device vulnerabilities — a blind spot for healthcare

By Dr. Heather Haugen
Chief Digital Officer
Atos Digital Health Solutions

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Digital Transformers

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Breaking barriers to efficiency

AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY) upgraded servers for Epic and reduced costs by 20%.

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Graduating to a new business model

Textbook publisher switched to digital learning, cut server and data-center costs by 25%.

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Answering the call for next-gen 9-1-1

County agency’s new emergency response system halved its network management costs.

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Industry Transformers

Quantum computing

2020 Predictions

Quantum computing: How soon will it become a mainstream reality?

Over the next year, we may not see widespread adoption of quantum-only computing models in enterprise settings. But we will see extensive collaborations in this space among major players and startups.


SAP HANA Podcast Series

Episode 2: Cloud migrations don’t end with the cloud

Common issues in cloud migrations, featuring Atos’ Henrik Wagner, VP of SAP Cloud Svcs; and Kiran Musunuru, VP of Global Technical SAP Cloud Svcs.


The Future Utility

Mitigating the artifacts of machine learning bias

Ethical decision-making is getting squeezed by AI models that automate bias. Explore your options with Jonas Bull, Solution Architect at Atos North America.


Digital work place
White Paper

Why state governments should consider mainframe as a service

Mainframes are becoming an unnecessary drag while newer platforms are delivering superior results. One agency saved $70M.


Robotic process automation (RPA) explained

Robotic process automation (RPA) explained

In technologically advanced operations, RPA reduces risks and increases efficiencies. See how!


Thought Transformers

What’s on the horizon for enterprise AI? Data.

Windy Garrett

VP, Cloud Partners, Atos North America

 Resolving Digital Dilemmas – “Could we?” vs. “Should we?”

Atos Scientific Community

Choosing between what’s possible and what’s permissible 

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