Together Network

Celebrating Atos colleagues from every cultural background and belief

Together Network

Atos recognises the value of a multicultural workforce and we appreciate and welcome the diverse skills, talents and experiences it brings.

The Together Network exists to ensure that every single employee, regardless of their cultural background or beliefs, can thrive and reach their full potential.

We encourage a working environment that is open, welcoming and inclusive for everyone. By building a collaborative community, and encouraging everyone to be themselves, we empower our staff to perform with confidence.

We work with the business to ensure that our recruitment, training, development and reward schemes and processes are fair and consistent.

We strongly believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is the key to making Atos even stronger and more successful than it already is.

Network Rail & Atos Black History Month

Welcome to this year’s joint Network Rail & Atos Black History Month celebrations. This year we are focusing on: The Evolution of the Black Experience

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Together Network Partnerships Program

Atos’ Together Network realises the need to expand multiculturalism conversations across other corporations to build the momentum required to create more impactful and wide-reaching change. This new program will be the driving force of widening the conversation for the Together Network and its partners.

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Suraiya, Project Management Apprentice

“Being of an Asian background, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit into the organisation but this was not the case. Atos has a fair, inclusive and respectful culture. The open-mindedness, courage and friendly nature of the employees within the organisation is what makes Atos stand out for me. Everyone is encouraged to be proud of who they are and bring their whole self to work. As Atos is a global company, I get to work closely with colleagues from all over the world – an opportunity I cherish as I get to increase my cultural understanding and knowledge.”

Yan, Business Operations Manager

“Atos encompasses diversity and inclusion to a high level, making it a fantastic place to work and a welcoming culture. Through my role, I get to work with colleagues from a diverse range of backgrounds across the world. The openness and friendliness of my colleagues makes this a pleasure, and the possibilities to learn more about different cultures are endless.”

Pammy, Service Manager

“One of the things I enjoy most about working at Atos is the opportunity to work alongside such a diverse group of people. The nature of my role requires me to interact with teams from India, Malaysia and Spain on a daily basis, which creates a varied and inclusive environment that I find personally rewarding to be immersed in. I am grateful for the new cultures I have been able to embrace since starting my graduate scheme.”

Talk About Race Toolkit

Atos’ Together Network presents the Talk About Race Toolkit this aims to encourage people to talk about race which can sometimes be a tricky topic to navigate. The Together Network believes we should be more anti-racist. Anti-racism is focused and sustained action against racism. It is no longer acceptable to sit on the sidelines; now is the time to take positive action in making working environments more inclusive, and stand against racism.

Talk About Race Toolkit

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