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Case Study: Role Models and Supporters

Lucy New

Commercial Director

Hi, my name is Lucy New and I have been with Atos since 2002 so for almost 20 years now. I joined when I was young, single and child free and I am now none of those things! During my tenure I have progressed from a relatively junior role in a new Department to now having held the role of Senior Commercial Director for a large division of the Group called Independent Assessment Services for the past 3 years.

Independent Assessment Services is a part of the Atos Group and is focused on working with Government Clients to deliver assessments for key benefits, helping the most vulnerable within our Society. I am super proud to be part of this dynamic and passionate team of more than 2,300 people who are dedicated to delivering excellence in service to these people and to improving their lives.

“I both wanted to have my career, but also needed more flexibility to manage a young family.”

I really enjoy the role that I am in now, it is a ‘Business Partner’ role which means that although I am employed by the central Finance and Commercial Team – I am deployed onto a portfolio of ‘Accounts’ and my role is to be focused not only on driving revenue and improving profitability of those accounts, but also to closely manage our Client contracts, ensure that we are performing to our obligations, monitor delivery and cost of delivery of the Contract and forge a close and collaborative relationship with my Clients. I am able to use all of my skillset from creativity in solution finding to relationship building, passion for transformational change and digitisation… Previously to this role I have also held senior roles in Procurement and Operations, both at Country and Group levels so I have really seen a lot of what Atos has to offer in terms of career possibilities.

I am absolutely passionate about how excellent it is to work as a woman in the Technology Sector, and most specifically for Atos. During the last 20 years I have felt wholly supported and developed as my wider needs have changed and evolved. Atos has supported my career aspirations during the first part of my time with the Company through on the job training, external professional qualifications and relevant stretch assignments, through to opportunities for promotions and moves and invitations to participate in excellent Talent Programmes at local and Group level, in which Atos invests heavily. The combination of all of these saw me on an upwards trajectory in terms of seniority within the company during my first 5 years.

After this came marriage, my two periods of maternity leave and a different but equally challenging time during which I both wanted to have my career, but also needed more flexibility to manage a young family. In this I felt truly supported with flexible working hours, a real understanding of how difficult this period can be for women (and men!) and a real and tangible set of benefits that really helped me in terms of health and childcare support. Most recently I am back to working full time and am seeking to ‘pick up where I left off’ as my children have become teenagers who don’t want me around as much! I am taking this opportunity to learn and grow at work, taking on new and challenging projects and learning new skills to keep me current and up to date with all that is happening in this super fast-moving sector. I am also taking the opportunity to invest in the Atos volunteering programmes in my quest to give back to Society.

My advice to anyone considering a career in the technology sector would be, just go for it! There are so many opportunities here, don’t let the word Technology scare you either, there are so many roles that are not focused purely on tech but rather require energy, passion, relationship and team building, creativity, negotiation, organisation, programme management, financial skills and much more!

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