Information Notice for Sales & Marketing by Atos UK&I

Atos UK&I processes personal data for legitimate sales and marketing purposes. In reference to the UK Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and their equivalent implementation in Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, we do not market or sell to children or consumers. Our products and services address individuals in their professional roles within business, public bodies such as universities and hospitals, and not for profit organisations.

For other purposes see specific information notices and for other Atos global business units see the Atos global privacy notice which is available here

We do not collect or use sensitive data for profiling or other marketing purposes. In all cases we provide you the means to object (legitimate interest) or opt-out (consent) of all direct marketing communications here, or to select your preferences for type and media of communications through a Preference Centre here.

We may process personal information based on our legitimate interests for the following purposes:

  • Direct marketing by electronic communications to individuals within organisations as business to business communications
  • Direct marketing through postal and other non-electronic channels not regulated by the UK Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) for business to business communications
  • To bring attention to the business benefits of relevant products, services, and events through direct marketing where we have no prior contact, including new hires at existing customers and new prospects with relevant job titles and responsibilities
  • Responding to direct enquiries, for example following meetings at workshops and events, by our sales and marketing staff and subject matter experts where there is no immediate transaction or contract
  • Where the processing enables us to personalise, enhance, or otherwise improve our marketing communications for the benefit of our customers and prospects
  • To better understand how people interact with our website and electronic channels, to improve navigation for end users
  • To determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and digital advertising
  • For insight into customers and prospects to better understand and meet their business needs and identify relevant contacts, including monitoring of public professional websites, blogs, and social media
  • For conducting research into the use of digital and IT products and services
  • For automated rules -based profiling, having no legal or significant personal impact, to deduplicate and segment our data to maximise the business value to recipients of relevant marketing communications
  • Use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for profiling and the selection and frequency of communication channels to improve client experience and prospect engagement, again where there is no legal significance in such processing
  • For data hygiene, to cross-check and enhance data from trusted third-party sources to ensure contact details are complete and correct
  • To share your personal data with marketing agencies staff acting as subcontractors to Atos, and third-party agencies where they are acting as data processors for Atos under Atos data controller direction
  • To share your personal data with other Atos controlled companies where there would be a potential benefit in responding to your business requirements or their direct marketing as a separate controller e.g. Atos Consulting Limited
  • To maintain the minimum of contact details on Atos suppression files to ensure any objection, opt-out or agreed request for removal can be maintained

We hold and process your personal information by consent for certain UK and Ireland sales and marketing processes including:

  • Contacting you by telephone where your number is registered with either the Corporate Telephone Service (CTPS) or the personal Telephone Preference Service (TPS) in the United Kingdom and equivalent systems in other countries
  • If you are otherwise within the scope of UK PECR or equivalent legislation for electronic communications, including sole-traders, unincorporated trusts, partnerships and foundations and their staff members
  • Where you have chosen to record your consent and preferences for marketing, which we would encourage
  • We consider consent to be valid from when it is given, or the last positive engagement since, until it is revoked by opt-out or a maximum of 24 months for any first party telephone, email or SMS personal data, 24 months for first or third-party mail data, and 6 months for other third-party telephone, email, or SMS data

Again, consent may be provided, limited, or withdrawn using the Preference Centre here and the wider Atos global policy for securing, processing and sharing of personal data, and how to exercise your personal rights can be reviewed here. The website cookie policy can also be located here.