Digital Vision for Life and Pensions


Digital Vision for Life and Pensions: Transformation for the long term: Animated Video

The UK Life and Pensions industry is at an inflection point: customers, investors, regulators and distributors are all demanding more as other sectors power towards fuller digitalisation. Watch our Digital Vision for Life and Pensions video for a look at the critical opportunities and challenges of digital transformation.

Life in the UK is changing as more of us need to work for longer and take on more varied careers; in response, the Life and Pensions industry is evolving to help people make some of their most important financial decisions. At the same time, incumbents and new entrants face the challenges of widespread disruption in the market.

Digital technologies are advancing fast and customers’ expectations for choice and flexibility are also shifting. An agile digital infrastructure and a truly customer-centric culture are vital enablers to achieve essential efficiencies while delivering the blend of experiences and services that customers now want.

Our Digital Vision for Life and Pensions explores the critical issues for the UK Life and Pensions in accelerating digital transformation for the long term.

Paul McCallin, Head of Customer Insight, Business Transformation Services, Atos UK & Ireland