Digital Vision: Digital Banking

Banking that’s smarter, greener, safer

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Business technology transformation for banking overdrive

The intelligence, agility and efficiency with which banks leverage customer data has now become the foundation for differentiation and success – but only if you can translate it into an experience that makes your clients love you.

Atos Now Banking asks how every banking process and every business technology can be exploited to contribute to better customer experience – even taking into account the most arcane back-office processes.

We look at the technology practices which are changing the world at large and ask what they mean for every successful bank: realtime analytics, process robotics, and the rest.

As a partner on this digital journey, Atos will help you make the quality of experience for your customers a point of winning differentiation – while delivering insight like never before.

40 percent

Machine learning to disrupt 40%
of all banking roles.

Digital Transformation for Financial Services and Insurance Research Report

Read our independent research report “Realization for change: accelerating action now”, summarizing the views of 800 global financial services leaders regarding business and digital transformation.

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Digital Vision: Digital Banking

Banking that’s smarter, greener, safer

For banks, digital technologies offer new ways to serve customers and meet critical operational and market challenges. This paper examines opportunities for smarter, greener and safer banking at a time of rapid social and technological change.

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Challenges and solutions associated

Digital transformation sits at the heart of the Atos proposition for its banking clients. We’re driven by a sense of urgency; a thirst for business innovation; and a commitment to minimizing risk. Our banking solutions guide you through the four realms of digital transformation.

Customer experience

How do banks become their customers’ financial services avatar?
Combining analytics, customer profiling and more to give customers an experience in tune with their digital lifestyles.

Operational excellence

With 40% of banking tasks ready for robotics, how can you decimate spend on traditional process and outmoded IT service?
Every process, resource and investment needs examining – driving out cost and boosting productivity.

Banking reinvention

Banking is necessary, banks are not. How do you redefine your business ambitions – within regulatory constraint, naturally?
Creating new intelligent business models in the light of new services and business alliances.

Trust and compliance

How do you win back reputation, trust and security, once the hallmarks of banking?

Atos Networked Banking – become a trusted, secure bank but with the flexibility of a FinTech

Will your bank continue to be there for its customers as the market changes? Will it be there if driverless cars need their own bank accounts? Will it be there with real-time analytics to offer an instant decision on a mortgage? Will it be there for millions of customers yet treat each one as an individual?

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Survive and Thrive with Digital Transformation in Banking

In the midst of significant large scale disruption, there are opportunities for businesses that are willing to embrace transformation

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Survive and Thrive with Digital Transformation in Banking - Solution Guide

Client Stories in Banking

Banking on cloud for an infrastructure upgrade

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Atos and NS&I together pioneering business transformation.

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As part of its wider digital banking strategy, Ulster Bank has embraced the use of artificial intelligence.
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Customer's Digitalization Hub is its engine for innovation and digital transformation.
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Other Solutions

Key Services for our Financial Services clients

Digital Business Resilience

Without complete business resilience, even a minor interruption to your service is likely to impact the reputation, trust, innovation and profits of your business.

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Digital Customer Experience Transformation

Intelligent Personal Financial Management to build customer value

Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services

Embedding artificial intelligence (AI) will enable progressive financial services businesses to transform processes, operate more efficiently, cut fraud and generate increased customer revenues.

Hybrid Cloud Data Analytics for Banking

Atos, Microsoft and Dell EMC working together to harness the best in cloud technology and analytics to help the banking sector deliver better and more informed business outcomes


Business Process Services

Find out how we can help achieve long term transformational change in organisations.

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