#StrideForPride challenge

Between 21st and 26th January 2019, we will be running the #StrideForPride initiative, to kick-start the year both mentally and physically whilst raising money and awareness for a great mental wellbeing charity called MindOut. The idea is to encourage colleagues, as well as friends and family, to invest in their own wellbeing whilst raising awareness for mental health and LGBT challenges.

Employees are incentivised to complete a physical challenge equivalent of five kilometres to raise money for the cause. This could be swimming, running, walking the dog, cycling or just some extra steps throughout the day or in an exercise class – approximately 6250 steps. For those with limited mobility or just starting their fitness journey, think of a personal goal that is right for you – a challenge which you can be proud of achieving.

Pledges are already being made, including from David Haley, Atos UK&I SVP Business Transformation Services and Executive Sponsor for AtosPride, who said: “I will complete a 5k run as part of my donation. I’m not a great runner but if I can then so can anyone! Good luck to all our fundraisers.”

Find out more about our LGBT & Friends network, AtosPride.

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