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Atos understands that people perform better when they can be themselves.

The AtosPride network exists to bring together and support all lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT+) employees in the workplace. The network is open to everyone, whether they identify as LGBT+ or not and supports all employees who may need support and advice.

The principles of the network are to support Atos in becoming a truly LGBT inclusive workplace, enhance the performance potential of LGBT employees, develop a diverse culture we are proud of and engage our clients and partners on our journey.

As a Stonewall Diversity Champion we also have access to best-practice approaches and utilise the Workplace Equality Index benchmarking tool to assess our progress on LGBT+ inclusion.

“Stonewall is delighted that Atos is a Diversity Champion and are committed to creating an environment where LGBT+ staff and allies are accepted without exception and can really fulfil their full potential in the workplace”

Kris Phelps, Client Group Manager at Stonewall

Elly, Cyber Security Analyst

“AtosPride has allowed me to fully embrace my identity at work. Through the network I’ve met people I’d never have had the opportunity to meet. Many of my colleagues who do not identify as LGBT use AtosPride to understand the challenges that the LGBT community face, and learn how they can help. I feel very strongly that we strive for a supportive and transparent work environment, that allows conversations about sexuality and identity to become more prevalent in daily conversations and that’s exactly what AtosPride has set out to achieve. I believe that innovation and creativity stem from diversity. Working with people who are different to me, who think differently and approach problems differently to me, can only serve to put our organisation at the forefront in the digital age.”

Julia Atwater, Co-chair of AtosPride (B&PS Head of Communications)

“I joined Atos as a graduate in 2011 and was only out to a few of my colleagues for a long time. Setting up AtosPride and being part of the LGBT+ and Friends community in Atos has changed my life. It sounds dramatic but the impact of being able to be myself at work is immeasurable. Here at Atos, we strongly believe that people perform better when they can be themselves. One of my favourite things we have launched with the AtosPride community is a series of ‘AtosPride stories’. They are simple profiles of a diverse range of our LGBT+ employees and their allies that highlight some of our wonderful AtosPride role models across the globe. Our end goal is for Atos to be inclusive by default and give equal opportunity to everyone, no matter who you are and how you identify.”

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AtosPride – The LGBT+ network

Join the Atos Employee network for LGBT+ people and their allies, empowering people to bring their whole selves to work.

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