AtosAspire open the topic of masculinity in the age of change

The latest initiative by AtosAspire, the internal network which promotes gender equality, diversity and encourages an inclusive culture, featured an in-house panel event that sought to discuss and challenge the concept of modern masculinity. The theme was brought to life with 4 diverse panellists and an interactive audience, which provided the catalyst for a thought provoking and illuminating discussion.

The event covered topics including ‘the impact of society in how we define masculinity’, ‘how beliefs that men should be strong and stoic can affect a man’s mental health and ability to exhibit emotions’, and ‘social issues surrounding paternity’.

Alongside the panel event, AtosAspire held a number of fundraising events in support of the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

Speaking on the day Grace Kingsbury, Communications Executive for BDS UK&I, said: “This is the inaugural event by AtosAspire addressing male mental health. Going forward such events will be key in helping to ensure that support is available and provided to colleagues of all genders to share their experiences in a supportive environment.”

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