Together Network hosts panel at Atos Diversity & Inclusion Expo

This July, Atos hosted our second annual diversity & inclusion day at our London headquarters. It was hugely successful, with people livestreaming from more than 25 countries and a superb line up of guests who gave their time for free to speak at our event.

The first day saw the Together Network host a panel titled ‘Britain has come a long way’. We strived to deep dive into current topics regarding multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion, such as cultural appropriation, positive discrimination and quotas. The tossup between quotas and targets is a conversation that is a hot topic within companies at present in regards to BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) inclusion. The panel all agreed that targets are necessary for positive results, a driver that companies use in every division across their business.

On day 2, we invited Nadine Dyers, Co-Chair of Deloitte’s multicultural network, to speak on the role that diversity networks play in her organisation. Using her network as a case study, she gave a thought-provoking presentation on the importance of diversity networks from an organisation and individual perspective. Our diversity networks help employees discover their differences and similarities whilst also empowering and inspiring them; forming their support system as well as their source of information.

All of the sessions from both days can be viewed here.

Find out more about the Together Network.

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