Scotland Lobbying Register

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Scotland Lobbying Register

What is the Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016

The Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016 was passed by the Scottish Parliament in March 2016 and received Royal Assent in April 2016. The Act is commenced on 12 March 2018.

What is regulated lobbying?

Lobbying can come in many forms and from a range of individuals or organisations. It plays an essential role in informing and influencing decisions within parliament and government. The intention of this Act, however, is to increase public transparency about certain types of lobbying. This type of lobbying is specifically defined in the Act and is known as regulated lobbying. The Scottish Parliament was tasked with introducing a new Lobbying Register, to allow the public to access and view information submitted by organisations and individuals who carry out regulated lobbying. Regulated lobbying means face-to-face oral communication with any of the following people, when discussing Scottish Government or parliamentary functions:

  • a member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP);
  • a member of the Scottish Government (Cabinet Secretaries and Scottish Law Officers);
  • a junior Scottish Minister;
  • a Scottish Government Special Adviser; or
  • the Scottish Government’s Permanent Secretary (aside from Special Advisers, the only civil servant covered by regulated lobbying within the Act).

Atos’ role in lobbying

From time to time, Atos may have a face to face meeting with an individual listed above to discuss Scottish Government or parliamentary functions. Atos is registered on the Scotland Lobbying Register and summarises its lobbying activity in regular and publicly searchable information returns.

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