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Return to Work

The Return to work Network is a community which supports employees returning from an extended career break by offering them a network of helpful employees who have experienced a similar situation, providing resources and conducting initiatives to facilitate an easier return to work.

Our main objectives are to ;

  • Drive a culture which supports people who have been away from work to feel like this has no impact on the potential of their career
  • Reduce stigma and enable people to have an open dialogue about issues that affect people when returning to work
  • Facilitate an easier return to work
  • Grow the Return to Work Network

We have a number of objectives to achieve our mission, from supporting with building a culture of inclusion by creating a network that supports existing diversity networks across the organisation, to driving a culture which supports people who have been away from work to feel like this has no impact on the potential of their career, and to reduce stigma; enabling people to have an open and honest conversation about issues that affect people when returning to work.

Next on the initiatives list in our roadmap are Returnships, which have the potential to support existing employees establish a more diverse team dynamic, through bringing in people from different work backgrounds and life experiences.

This video provides insights to all of this and how we continue to grow our network and resources for returners, to make this a process that is as positive, supportive and enjoyable as possible.

Tracey Webb Co-Chair of the Return to Work Network (Skills Transformation – Global B&PS)

“I love being a Mum, but I always wanted to return to my career. That said, the fear of missing out on my ever-changing babies and the guilt emotions attached to returning to work were immense. Before children, I used to spend lots of additional hours working so after having them I knew I needed to change to balance my working life with life as a Mum…how was I going to continue to do my job well?
But here at Atos I didn’t need to worry. Atos promotes flexible and remote working policies which allow me to be both a mum and have a successful career. Even after returning, the company continues to support me through the family friendly policies they implement, and flexible benefits offered. The Return to Work Network, which I am proud to Co-Chair, provides the support and guidance at a time where it is most welcomed.”

Dave Woolcock – Workplace Architect

“I returned to work after 11 weeks following back surgery. Before going off, the return process never crossed my mind as I was focused on the surgery. I have a good relationship with my manager, so I was in regular contact with him and we worked together to determine my flexible return. The biggest challenge for me during my 4-week phased return, was the isolation I felt working from home, not being able to visit an office to have the interaction that brings. The Buddy scheme offered by the Return to Work Network will really help with this isolation and simple video calls do make a difference. The flexibility and technology available within Atos supported my phased return along with being able to work remotely.”

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