Public Services Pledge

Our commitment in the delivery of public services

Public Services Pledge

What is our Public Services Pledge?

The Public Services Pledge is Atos’ declaration of the behaviours we seek to embody in every aspect of the services we deliver to users and citizens on behalf of the UK Government and Public Sector. Using Atos values and our corporate code of ethics as a foundation, it goes a step further to articulate our ethos of “do the right thing”. Using feedback from our clients, we have reflected the specific challenges for successful delivery of public services today, for example, improved transparency and better collaboration.

Our intention is that our Public Services Pledge should be used by client and supplier in the spirit of improving partnership and collaboration, successfully delivering public services and achieving the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Bringing the Pledge to Life

Guided by the publication ‘Ethical Standards in Public Services’ by the Committee for Standards in Public Life, our Public Services Pledge has four themes.

We pledge to be a trusted, reliable and flexible partner.

We will deliver reliably, bring expertise and be flexible

Contractual commitments to deliver the basics well are just the first step. We understand that things change; a new service may need adjusting to meet user needs, older services may need refreshing or flexibility may be needed to transition to a new model. We aim to be reliable, flexible and pragmatic in response to our clients’ needs.

We pledge to deliver value for money.

We will be open, help our clients to get a good deal and deliver value for money.

Clients and citizens need to feel confident that they are receiving value for money for the services they procure. That goes beyond price. It means looking for ways to be more efficient whilst providing the same or better services, delivering in areas of true expertise and driving trust through greater transparency. We aim to be open and constructive with our clients in where and how we can drive real value for money.

We pledge to lead to inspire the best from our relationships

We will inspire the best from our teams and deliver in partnership with clients and suppliers

Today’s environment often means working in close partnership with clients and also with other suppliers and third parties. Success comes when all parties focus on the overall outcome as well as their individual parts. We aim to be leaders in collaboration, driving partnership behaviours and working with the end user and citizen in mind.

We pledge to drive social value and impact

We will invest in the future of the UK, its people, skills, communities and the environment.

At Atos, we recognise how important our people are and we support what is important to them. We take the development and nurturing of talent seriously. We are passionate about encouraging new skills and we take pride in the investment we give to our own people. Through our partnership with SMEs we support them to access new opportunities. We apply the highest standards to maintain a safe and secure supply chain. We support initiatives that deliver social impact and we look for ways to reach out into the community to make a difference. We are committed to reducing our own environmental footprint and also bring innovative solutions to help our clients address their own environmental challenges

Atos is proud of how we do our business and we are proud to support the Institute of Business Ethics.

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