Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme

Award winning partnership with charities and suppliers to achieve life-changing outcomes

Since 2015 Atos has partnered with ANTZ – a leader in social innovation, connecting businesses, charities and third-sector organisations to deliver social value within local communities – and the decommissioning SME Tier 1, to create a mentoring programme that helps disadvantaged people. To date, the programme has engaged over 112 mentees – a blend of prison leavers and others experiencing challenges within their communities. Atos employees take an active role mentoring and supporting participants to find jobs, gain further education and commit to meaningful roles in society.

Working alongside our client the Ministry of Justice, the programme started with HMP Forest Bank and local Manchester charities. It has now expanded to London working with the Ministry of Justice client to support HMP Bronzefield and local London charities. Since its inception, the initiative has produced £1.68 million in societal cost savings and made a tangible difference for the communities we connect with and support.

In December 2020, the Programme was named winner in the Third Sector category at the Institute of Collaborative Working Awards. The award recognises businesses who have excelled through partnership working with the third sector for social impact.

Despite challenges due to COVID-19, the programme onboarded 11 new mentors in 2021 and supported 16 mentees into sustainable jobs with major UK organisations. The ICW featured the programme – Adapting Fast in a Crisis – in its 2021 annual report for its rapid response to the pandemic, switching to remote operations and offering increased support to its mentees.

Mentors – Atos and client employees – have described how the programme has helped them develop a sense of meaning and personal growth and gain a greater perspective of the challenges faced by many:

“The Mentor Programme has taken me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in different ways. It makes me realise that although I have had many work challenges over the years, I have always been fortunate to possess a clear brain and a support network of family and friends. Others are not so fortunate.”

“I originally signed up to help make a difference. So far, what has surprised me is how humbling the experience has been – to appreciate the challenges people have had to face and then find the resilience and determination to change their lives around.”

Likewise, mentees have greatly benefited from the support, a professional perspective and validation provided by mentors:

“Since being released from prison, my mentor has helped my assimilation back into the work place. If I did not have this focus and drive, I could have easily slipped back into situation that would lead me back to prison”

“[The programme] is amazing; my mentor is very helpful and has given me excellent advice. I am now employed and my mentor is going to help me progress. I would give this project 10 out of 10.”

Initiatives like the Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme have a clear potential to drive far-reaching social change – by helping prevent crime, create jobs and improve mental health in communities. Atos is proud to be driving this inclusive programme to improve the employment prospects of people from a variety of demographics and backgrounds – visit We Are Atos to learn more

Watch these videos to find out more about the programme

Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme

Atos ANTZ Mentoring: Bolton

Atos ANTZ Mentoring: London