Generational diversity network


Aeon is a Generational Diversity group set up to make sure that employees of different age groups are supported, listened to and we work together to make an inclusive work space.

Age is one diversity group that spans across various diversity streams as at one point we all were new starters and at one point we can all be experienced resources. At various stages of our life we will have different priorities and expectations. Aeon is here to ensure that all employees are supported throughout their professional journey.

Aeon’s purpose is to create an inclusive workspace based on mutual respect, understanding and appreciation of what different generations have to offer. We in the Aeon network are very passionate about Well Being at Work and we strive continuously to ensure that employee concerns are listened to.

Noel, Customer Experience

‘I’ve been involved in the creation of the Atos Customer Experience Academy, a landmark opportunity that I am very proud to be associated with. In the team I have created; there is a diverse mix of graduates and more experienced people from the business. Being able to guide and mentor future talent is something I really value. The Customer Experience Academy is great testament to Atos being prepared to invest in its people for the future. This is exactly what Aeon wants for all in the network, accessibility to training, and continued career development. My move into working for the Customer Experience Academy is a great example of reskilling and redeployment within Atos, which  inspires the older generation like myself to be open about career change and redeployment’

Aeon Network