Supporting the Met’s technology transformation

The Met, like many other police services, is undertaking a digital transformation to deal with the challenges of changing crime and the need to engage better with the citizens of London, whilst proving value for money. The One Met Model programme drives the business change, supported by the Met’s Digital Policing technology enablement.

Over the past 18 months* the Met’s IT function, Digital Policing, have delivered an unprecedented number of key projects, services and products to support their strategy of giving their customers the best possible technology experience, including police officers, staff and members of the public. *March 2017-September 2018

As the Met’s SIAM partner and service desk provider, we are proud of our role in helping the Met to identify and deploy the right technology efficiently to help make London the safest global city.

Some of these achievements include:

29000 mobile laptops and tablets deployed to front line officers and police staff

Increasing the information available to officers, allowing applications to be accessed whilst on patrol and reduce the amount of time spent in police stations.

1,000 vehicles now have new In-Vehicle Mobile Applications (IVMA)

Enabling officers to arrive at incidents promptly due to traffic aware directions provided, informed about the incident and the public receive a faster, more personalised and informed service.

21,921 Body Worn Videos cameras in service

Supporting the direct capture of evidence and driving a greater degree of transparency and public confidence

24/7 IT service desk with 84% of calls answered within 20 seconds, 403,446 tickets raised, >68% of which were fixed first time

Providing a large scale, critical service provision to ensure customers receive support to the IT services requirements

Data centre migration – 1,341 servers, 1034 physical decommissions, 95 apps, 61% KW power saved with a cost reduction of 57%

Redeployment of existing equipment from old data centres to new facilities, repurposing hardware to provide a virtualised environment where possible and delivering £10m of revenue back to the Met

186 sites undergone network transformation and 3 of the Met Command and Control Emergency Services 999 sites undergone successful network upgrades

Strengthening infrastructure to increase network capacity and resilience to handle very large amounts of data generated by the new technologies being deployed

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