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With the speed of technological change accelerating, our customers need access to digital innovation and solutions from a diverse range of suppliers. Yet while smaller vendors and technologies must be part of the mix, accessing and integrating the right partners into your supply chain can be a challenge.

Horizons is a pioneering programme that brings our customers the best talent and solutions from the UK and Ireland SME community, safely and at the scale you require. We continuously review and onboard smaller companies for the benefit of customers wishing to implement digital transformation strategies. We select standout SMEs who work innovatively to deliver cutting-edge technologies and specialist expertise. Once each organisation is fully onboarded, they are part of our partner ecosystem working in collaboration to achieve our customers’ goals while also enjoying a number of benefits themselves that can help them grow and achieve their own business objectives.

Atos Horizons SME Capabilities


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We can accelerate your digital ambitions by bringing you:

  • A wider skillset, including specialist resources
  • Adaptive, agile ideas and ways of working
  • Leading-edge solutions

Key benefits to our customers include:

  • Innovation at pace and propositions at your fingertips that will give you the edge
  • A more diverse talent pool and supply chain enabling you to meet your targets for working with SMEs
  • Peace of mind because we bring rigour and structure to assure delivery

Key benefits to SMEs:

  • Access to a wider customer base and new opportunities
  • Ability to deliver solutions and services at pace to Atos customers
  • Advice, support and guidance for business development and growth

Your data. Connected

Atos and Infoshare have a close partnership. Since 2012, the two companies have worked together, helping customers to leverage data to achieve their business goals.

View the Horizons - Infoshare Brochure

Horizons: Working with Tier 1

Horizons is a pioneering initiative that brings our customers the best talent and solutions from the UK and Ireland SME community, safely and at scale. Watch this video to find out about the programme and hear from Tier 1, one of our SME partners.

How does Horizons work?

Horizons is embedded into our business, with an ongoing measurable cycle of SME engagement and onboarding. We carefully engage with and partner innovative smaller companies on a regular basis, onboarding them into our partner ecosystem.

This is a comprehensive process that includes guidance and mentoring to support and develop each SME in line with Atos governance, quality and assurance practices.

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If you are an SME or start-up and interested in participating in the Horizons programme, or if you have a general query about partnerships, please mail the Horizons mailbox.

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