The Great British Enterprise Challenge – supported by Atos

Unleashing the UK’s enterprise potential through digital accounts

The UK has a thriving business community and one that we should be proud of. But could we be doing more to ensure that the UK fulfils its entrepreneurial potential?

Budding entrepreneurs can find it difficult to access the information, advice and guidance that would help them start, develop and grow their business. And while digital technology has transformed the way many businesses operate, many businesses still prefer face-to-face interactions with consultants, business advisers or accountants.

We think that digital platforms could provide a game-changing complement to traditional forms of business support.

We at Atos want to encourage British enterprise which is why we’ve developed the concept of an Enterprise Account – a digital platform that aggregates and personalises information, advice and guidance for budding entrepreneurs and growing small and micro businesses. This platform would be a one-stop-shop for financing options, mentoring schemes, training opportunities and any other information that can help British entrepreneurs thrive.

The potential for digital technology to deliver more for the UK business community is huge but we need to properly harness that potential and Enterprise Accounts could be part of the answer.

View The Great British Enterprise Challenge – research report, supported by Atos

The Great British Enterprise Challenge - report

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