Directive on digital transformation – Hospitality – 1st edition


The first annual roundtable on digital transformation in hospitality, from Atos and HOSPA.

On 5 October 2017, Atos and HOSPA invited senior decision-makers from across the UK Hospitality industry for a roundtable event at Atos’ Business Technology and Innovation Centre in London.

Hosts Mukesh Parekh (VP Manufacturing and Retail, Atos) and Jane Pendlebury (CEO, HOSPA) were joined by high-profile figures from hospitality organisations, industry bodies and technology partners to debate the impact of digital solutions and technologies on the sector.

Facilitated discussions targeted four key topics: digital business transformation; innovation for operational excellence; data security; and improving customer and staff experience.

This Directive on Digital Transformation for Hospitality report presents an overview of these discussions and provides key directives for consideration as you navigate your own journey through digital transformation.

Directive on digital transformation – Hospitality – 1st edition – Report

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