Digital Vision for Government

We have entered the era of transformation where the pace of technological change is driving citizen expectations of the services Government offers and the way public services are delivered.

In this age of digital disruption Government has the opportunity to champion a new digital vision for Britain.

The ‘Digital Vision for Government’ opinion paper seeks to highlight the immense opportunities associated with a strategic programme of digital transformation which may also enable the UK to become a global leader in the provision of digital public sector services.

A collection of thought leadership pieces written by industry experts and technologists from organisations such as techUK, Coadec, the Business Services Association, the New Local Government Network and Policy Exchange.

Key themes include:

  • The use of robotics and automation to drive greater efficiencies and release talent within the public sector.
  • Cyber security and the need to win public trust over Government use of personal data.
  • Next generation business process services.
  • Modernising payments between citizens and Government.
  • Pioneering technologies such as Augmented Interactive Reality (AIR) to re-invent the way services are delivered.
  • Use of big data and analytics to identify risks and opportunities to support evidence-based decision making.

The paper hears from influential figures from across business and government on the need to unite behind a vision to combine the best elements of rapidly evolving technology and apply them to deliver a smart digital ecosystem. The objective must be to improve public services, deliver greater efficiency and enhance citizen experiences across departments through this new approach.

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