Digital Vision for Cyber Security 2


Digital Vision for Cyber Security 2: Setting the new cyber security agenda

The cyber landscape can sometimes feel like a game of cat and mouse – so how can we stay ahead? Take a look at our Digital Vision for Cyber Security 2 video to find out more.

Since publishing our first Digital Vision for Cyber Security paper in 2017, so much of the cyber security landscape has changed. Cyber-attacks are growing, threats are smarter and new challenges are emerging.

Innovative technologies like prescriptive security offer solutions for now and into the future. The case to establish a protective end-to-end cyber security ecosystem for every organisation is undeniable, with success striking the balance between instinct and intelligence, human and machine.

Cyber security is not an add-on, not a nice-to-have, not an option – it’s a critical business enabler for the digital society.

Phil Aitchison, Chief Operating Officer, Big Data & Security, UK&I, Freephone: 0800 783 3040