Digital Vision for Farming

Accelerating the digital revolution of the agricultural sector

Precision agriculture is here


Data-driven practices are revolutionising supply chains from farm to fork

Sowing the seeds for our digital future

Over the next decade, we will see important changes to policies that govern the environmental, farming and rural affairs sector, at a time when environmental shifts bring fresh challenges in how animals are reared, crops are grown and fish are caught. New digital tools, explored in this Digital Vision for Farming, can help meet rising demand for high-quality produce with verifiable sustainability and animal health standards. The future depends on the ability to harness data for precision farming that both optimises yields and engenders the confidence of consumers.

Adrian Gregory, Chief Executive Officer, Atos UK&I

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Digital Vision for Farming

Accelerating the digital revolution of the agricultural sector

As the UK agricultural landscape continues to evolve, industry experts explore the vital importance of digital transformation and innovation across supply chains – and what this means for farmers, consumers and the environment.

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Adrian Gregory
Chief Executive Officer, Atos UK&I

George Eustice MP
Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Julian Sturdy MP
Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Farming

Felix Pearson
Account Director, Atos UK&I

Duncan Forbes
Agri-EPI Centre / Dairy Research Director, Kingshay

David Dinsdale
Chief Digital Officer, Public Sector and Health, Atos UK&I

Dr Ashleigh Bright
Head of Science, Benchmark Knowledge Services

Oistein Thorsen
Director, Benchmark Knowledge Services

Graham Wilkinson
Senior Director, Member Relations, Arla Foods UK

Tom Swanson
Chief Digital Officer, Atos UK&I

Nabil Lodey
Chief Executive Officer, Envitia

Laraine Geddes
Marketing Director, Kirona

Felix Pearson, Account Director, Atos UK & Ireland, Freephone: 0800 783 3040