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University : University of Liverpool

Degree : Computer Science

Job Title : Technical Consulting Intern

My Background

I was studying Computer Science when I was accepted as an Atos intern. I had the opportunity to travel to Madrid and Paris, presented to senior management, and received real appreciation from my team.

What were your impressions of Atos as an intern?

On my first day, I arrived at the London office and met my line manager. He gave me a tour of the building and introduced me the rest of the team. The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was, as we discussed what responsibilities I could take on during my placement. He also took me to lunch for a chat about our interests, and we talked about what experiences I was looking for throughout the internship. Atos is a company with a flexible working policy allowing me to work from home. It’s also clear there are many different opportunities within the company so if you’re looking for a varied career, there are plenty of areas to get involved.

What were your main duties or projects?

I got to work on key projects, including our sales playbook, customer presentations and proposal texts, which was a great way for me to learn more about the products we offer. I also helped out with two sales bootcamps to help inform teams within Atos on the full range of our products.

What were highlights?

For one of the bootcamps I had the opportunity to go the Madrid office and present one of our products. This is definitely one of my highlights. I also got to go to our global head office in Paris and present an idea for an external campaign to a member of senior management. I had expressed my interest in international travel to my manager, and was pleasantly surprised that he was able to make it happen. If my placement was a week longer I would have also made it to Utrecht!

How would you describe the Atos Internship Programme to a friend?

I’d say that an Atos internship will give you a great insight into what life could be like once you graduate from university. You’ll gain experience in a number of different areas and if you make your interests clear, Atos will do their best to make them happen when deciding on your responsibilities.

What experiences did you take away with you?

I’ll take away the experience of getting to travel internationally. Working with an international team has been a huge learning curve as it highlights the importance of effective communication. I’ve also met some great people that I’ll stay friends with after my internship has finished.

What do you want to do next and why?

I’m returning to university to complete my degree, but after that I’m definitely hoping to return to Atos as a graduate, so now I just need to identify where in the business I’d like to start.

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